domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2019


I understand you my dear!
Condemned yourself for love
For all your life
and without joy!

I feel your pain
with all my heart!
Your soul cries
the sadness of love!

I feel yourself to be!
You felt alive
to love see
and meet!

Friend don't suffer!
We are all here!
you are not alone
but you will see us there.

You were betrayed
It was a familiar hunch,
they knew
But you didn't hear anything.

now and always you are a soul,
a spirit in sorrow
that water carries
With your sentence.

viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2019


Emotion when dreaming,
flying emotion,
exaltation for writing
and without looking back.

Peace of mind when creating,
calm to imagine
a world out of this
and I don't know how to name it.

Every time I hear a subject
I want to write about him,
my ear is tuned
and that's why I start transcribing.

Love print
pain heart
everything is what i write
Because I carry it with me.

I'm very romantic,
I want to feel everything
because i want to live
a little of everything.

I will not stop writing!
I will never stop creating!
It's my mind
The one that will never stop!

viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Je n'ai plus le temps.

I don't have time anymore,
a shadow surrounds me
and it takes me
at times.

I don't have time anymore,
the night envelops me
with a long
and huge veil.

I don't have time anymore
because someone tells me,
in the midst of silence,
"Come with me, I'll take you."

There is no more time
I just want peace
because I have suffered
in adversity.

There is no more time
I do not want more
just rest in my house,
my sweet home.

There is no time
I will not come back,
I will only return forever
And I will recover.

miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2019


Don't suffer anymore
my dear Werther!
I read your story
and "I'm going to go crazy"!

Don't suffer anymore
because you are a hero!
You're my favorite
With all my love!

you woke me up,
you ignited my passion
my love my fervor
in all my heart!

You won my love
with your romanticism,
your sincere lyricism
and your concrete being.

You are a dream,
An entire poem
full of verses
Like eternal love

I will keep writing to you
because we both do it,
I will always follow you
To the whole sky.

viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2019

Ludwig II

An unaware soul
with always brilliance,
in a weird world
and very shortage.

A misunderstood being
who hid for fear
but that deep down
He knew it was perfect.

smart like many,
reserved as nobody,
consumed by his feelings
within the deepest lineage.

A really exciting being
That I fall in love without wanting
for authenticity
That makes it exorbitant.

A "soul in sorrow"
even in his own family,
they called him "crazy
and with dementia. "

a beloved king
even in these times
by people like me
and peasants those.

my magic king
like its castles
"the king of fairy tale"
It is something really with and without meaning.

goodbye my idolized monarch,
goodbye my magical sovereign
but never man
How much I fell in love.


Tengo el alma envenenada
porque no aguanto tanto dolor
por tanta traición
en mi corazón.

y es por amor
que me siento así,
me siento culpable
y no paro de sufrir.

Tengo el alma envenenada
por un cruel ser
pero seré mejor
y lo puedo hacer.

no soy como él,
nada que ver,
solo un pedazo
que vió nacer.

la verdad es dolorosa
pero crecí amorosa
y por los míos
es que no me falta gran cosa.

veo a mi alrededor
y tengo mucho amor,
la gran ironía que tiene
el más cruel dolor.

ya no la tengo envenenada
pues sé que él sufrirá
porque no hay mejor castigo
que la soledad.

gracias a todos
porque sé una cosa:
"ellos me aman
y adiós no escribo más".

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