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Tremo per te.

You make me shake by just making me contemplate! You make me rumble with just your look!
You are the most serious face that in my life I have to see, but with much delight a beautiful velar.
a captivating severity, a reasonable sensibility because a beautiful being is imprisoned and pedantic.
a disturbing silence, a penetrating face, dark, captive and that leads me to flatter you.
You look like a statue, the quietest stone that does not worry about anything nor is impatient.
You are eternal, you are inmortal, goodbye my beloved never again.

Pace pace mio dio.

Soft, deep, Light, bearable How is this aria Of powerful and beautiful.
It calms me but it does not comfort me, It takes me but it does not make me hold For its bitter lyrics And for all the opera.
How despair From an unfortunate can take her A more than anything?
Slow pace, Soft instruments For a long And tortuous plea.
Laments of her Lead me to think In wanting to do something more For that life that one.
Beautiful voices have sung it And they have "suffered" But with this work they have triumphed And I'm done with this.

Casta Diva.

The best aria for the best voice! Who better than her for this huge song?
It was indisputable, a sensitive voice but full of power and really sublime.
For a power character a lady who wants to do it and she seized with deep pleasure.
She represented power, character and doing in her beautiful voice that I like very much to know.
They told her La Divina, was very dear even by harshest critics, even in her last days.

Invitato a qui seguirmi.

I feel his anger, his rage and pain! to see Alfredo his betrayed heart.
A painful aria, very emotional, sharp and it makes me feel the agony of both characters.
A desperate Violet, An angry Alfredo They make me think in a devastating duet.
the woman split in two, the man hurt in his feelings they do, with the melody, pure love and pain.
better, I do not write anymore, It is my favorite work, even if it's a happy start, in the end round death.

The great pieces of classical music for me (PART 2).

Yes, again I wrote about choral and / or musical pieces that, without a doubt, captivated, trapped, welcomed my reason, my heart and ultimately my whole being. Hard or soft movements of instruments that composers wanted to highlight or simply put into their music. are parts or fragments that caught my attention because came to me so much that some make me cry or want to jump out of the emotion; Pure jumps of emotions that throughout history have made their composers are the best for their depth, emotion, romanticism, exaltation, anger and intelligence and embodied in these outstanding works ...
Prelude and "Toreador, en garde" (Carmen, Bizet, 1875).
I listen to it and I want to jump! It is incredible, beautiful, unquestionable, with good energy (it's a shame that I can’t say the same about the whole opera); as if the composer had wanted to charm us with energy, love, passion, charm and romanticism in two parts. Both the overture and the march show a character who wants to …

Non voglio andarmene.

I do not want to leave and less without you, I do not want to be back, I want with you to go.
I do not want to leave, only with all I will go out, That way will be happier and so I will leave.
I do not want to leave unless it is with all of you, my beloved parents and beings.
I do not want to leave but I want to live, experience, change and so resurface.
I do not want to leave, I want to start living, Work, continue as I learned from you

A mes amis!

Difficulty! Madness! It's what I find in this aria, of one!
I do not want to imagine The madness of that C5 in simple voices and who want to sing to him!
A true emotion, a great commotion and a strange softness full, this aria, to my reason.
The most complex undoubtedly! It is the great effort of voice like none.
I will write more of this perfect fragment! I do not run out of words for its creator and master!


My heart was a traitor, My love was disloyal and it broke me into a thousand pieces, a being that I do not want to look at.
My heart was infamous When trying to deceive me, by taking me as if it were just a lover
My love was mocked for a miserable man who enjoys my pain with just looking.
What false seduction! What a lack of morality! They thought me silly and with a lack of truth!
I say goodbye to a cruel being! I say no more to an immoral man! Welcome, you are to your new freedom!

Come affascinare te?

¿Cómo cautivarte? No tengo lo que buscas, Si lo que los demás quieren: Belleza y cultura.
¿Cómo cautivarte? ¿Acaso no soy la mejor? Para los demás sí Pero para ti no.
¿Cómo cautivarte? Soy como el agua: Clara, pura, muy, Muy honesta.
¿Cómo cautivarte? Buscas en las demás Algo que en mí no: Locura y obsesión.
Nunca los verás Porque mi amor me dice: "te amo hasta el día Del nunca jamás".


I apologize to you, I apologize with me For not loving you As it should, my love.
I apologize to you But my love And your heart Will be only mine.
I apologize For not having so much passion, I do not have so much lust But a great adoration.
I apologize But my being and my spirit Always loyal to you are going to be.
My great love, I will never say goodbye Because my insides Tell me: "You are my adoration".

Passione proibita

Forbidden passion, Murky love, dark delirium, Wanting turbid.
Forbidden passion, worship displayed For your great love and for your hard adoration.
Forbidden passion because you are sacred, you are my husband and my sanctified love.
You are for me a forbidden passion, I love you and I wish you even with the look.
You will always be only you my obsession, my eternal dark love and I will never say goodbye to you.

Felice anno nuovo

Happy New Year! Happy new day! for all of you, how I wanted
Happy New Year for all friends, for all families, for everyone with great welcome.
Happy New Year hopefully full of life, of much prosperity and a lot of peace.
Happy New Year for those who they have been given "hard blows" and very low this year.

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