sábado, 23 de marzo de 2019

Marie Antoinette

You were a queen
Really misunderstood,
You were a teenager,
A funny and vivacious girl.

You were a queen
Very ahead of her times,
You should have been loved
But you were incapable.

You were a queen
Who wanted to have fun
But you had an obligation
That could not do at all.

You were a girl
That they sent as ruler
But precisely
They sent you as an infant.

You were a queen
That always did what you wanted
And that's why they punished you
In the right place and time.

Resultado de imagen para maria antonieta

domingo, 17 de marzo de 2019

Le Silence.

Silence is my weapon
Against your impetuous soul,
No talking allows me
Look at you with regret

Silence is me
Because it's my seriousness
Before your temptation
And your pure darkness.

Silence is my friend
That moves me away from your love
Because it's you
The most harmful love.

But silence reminds me,
As much as it hurts,
That my feelings for you
Do not fade.

I love you my lord,
although I freak
And that brings me
To the pure pain.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2019

Le Rire

Le Rire.
By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.

Laughter is what I caused,
Loud laughs is what I get
For your pure ambition
And my heartbreaking spite.

Laughter is what I am
For a being like you
That despises me
And believe it a virtue.

Laughter is cruel
Why me?
Why with me
you play to be different?

Your laughs are samples
From the loneliness of your soul,
Your mysterious looks
are part of a painful passion.

This desire burns me
For your capricious being,
That laughter so macabre
It makes me darken.

I will never be yours
If you do not get to change
That look will chase me
Until the beyond.

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2019


A mysterious desire
It ran through my whole being,
It was you
And my heart started to burn.

Your green eyes,
A long brown hair,
An excellent body,
A figure worth seeing.

We wanted to kiss
But I stopped you
Because, despite everything,
You are my first look.

I felt your inside,
Beating your heart
And our love
In all the interior.

The night surrounded us,
It went around
Telling us: heaven is here
By and for you.

The morning touched us,
The sun had come out
To brush our skin

We will not say goodbye
Because our bodies
As well as our souls
will feel only pain.

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019


I sing for my voice,
For life and passion,
Not for the person
How much it hurt me

I sing for myself,
For the hope
To know what is in me
And what I do for me and others in life.

I sing for my whole family,
Knowing all my love for them,
Not for someone
That I leave it without full.

I sing for my soul,
all my heart
to my family
with all reason.

I don’t sing for a being
That wanted to destroy me
To love to let me know
And let me go.

I will sing for those I love the most
But not for you
Because never again
I will love you as you "loved" me.

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019

Je rassemble.

I assume you are
The hardest being,
I conclude that my soul
You want to break it down

I assume you are
A shadow without knowing
And that brings me
To the purest pleasure.

I assume that
You are a part
From something I want to see
But I do not want to know.

I gather that your soul
It means one thing:
My beloved lady
The most beautiful.

How do I know it's true?
it's true?
If I find out you're lying to me,
I will never see you.


I got involved with you
I do not know why,
I'm with you
And not knowing what to do.

I got involved with you
For a look from you
Which seduced me
Until the blackness.

I got involved
With the mystery surrounding you,
With the fog talking to you
Without knowing who you are.

The question that you are,
The secret with which you look
It is what seduces
Even the deepest soul.

The most attractive man
I have it in front of me,
You became an obsession
And it's always about you.

And you just tell me:
"You are my beloved lady,
Always only to you I'll look at you
and I will never leave you. "

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

Die Blume.

If you feel bad
There is something you must remember:
"You are the flower
That never has to wither. "

You are great and powerful,
Your body is pure
And full of honor
Because it's only yours.

You are the flower
That never faints
Because your spirit
Never shut up

You are the most beautiful flower
That never says no,
You are purity,
Like the gold that shines does not leave.

You are strength,
A tower that does not take,
You are my beloved being
My beautiful lady.

The best operas overtures for a girl like me.

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