miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019

Une grande beauté.

of a poet in love ...

I look at you,
I see you,
I feel like
all the ice

I look at you all,
You are the person,
the most beautiful.

I see you,
you are like gold,
sensitive and pure
but impossible and hard.

I see you, I feel you
you are in there
with all my heart
and all my reason.

I love you my adored,
you are the secret
of my "armor"
big and golden.

viernes, 5 de abril de 2019

Concerto pour piano n ° 1.

From someone so deep
Only something so beautiful could come out,
He tells me with his music:
"I want to captivate you inside."

A moving movement,
A sweet piano playing
That moves my soul
And that is cozy.

He hugs me with his notes,
A really exciting entrance
But that allegro of the piano
"It kills me" instantly.

Fast movements
What make me dream
With what I'm touching
Without looking.

Play with me,
It alters everything
And it makes me move
All my being

It is exciting,
Pure melody for me,
Is the same
That is described as well.

It's patience in music,
Softness with the notes
But then play
And that sensation fuels me.

I hope to write more
Of this piece of music
But for now I can not,
Goodbye, for more there is no time.

lunes, 1 de abril de 2019


It becomes my favorite,
It's the first one I think
every time I get bored,
It is what I hear and want.

A beautiful girl
who covets everything
but for love
At the end she says: NO.

A fragile voice
for a non-weak character
That changes by passion
and it is not left because of the pain.

A beautiful opera,
a great show of love
between two characters
and a deep adoration.

Two different voices:
joy and strength
in a great writing
and with beauty music.

Have enchanted me
now and always
those two characters
of which I fell in love.

The best operas overtures for a girl like me.

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