Un dolce gusto.

A sweet taste in my mouth, A passionate caress in my being, A sweet in my body And a lot of passion in my soul.
A sweet taste in my mouth What will happen to my neck, And my being will enjoy it Without much suspicion.
A beautiful taste It was impregnated in my skin, A great essence It was given until it gave way.
A delicious smell It has been given in my complexion With such a delicate touch In my sensitive being.
A splendid tasting For a tireless man That literally gave me his soul With everything and honor.
This will never end Because we give ourselves everything, Even the penalties That I erased with your fingerprints.

Ein dunkler Nachmittag.

A dark afternoon, a silent place what despairs me and at the same time it puts me at rest.
I write this poem In this tense afternoon Because that's what inspires me And it fills me up a lot.
It's not just darkness, It is a pure cry Of absolute silence But without terror.
The rain comes As a good companion, That do not want to get away And much less is left.
I see in the background From this "black" afternoon A sun that goes away And a walking rain.
I feel good, With much rest And full of writings, The most beautiful
I will never end, My mind does not stop, It only says: "Goodbye to the dawn".

Der Hölle Rache (Arie der Königin der Nacht).

How much fury! How much anger! The wrath of a mother in just a dare!
The most difficult for the most fragile voice! A Fa6 to celebrate! A staccato not to sing!
Asking for something difficult The Queen expresses her fury when hearing that her daughter does not want to do what her word says!
Climbs without level! A demanding role That makes it worthy from a really powerful voice!
A really fast tone! An awesome being with the music that he made a really present entity!
I want to write more! This aria gives me a lot! The best and most difficult for all the voices that sing it, even in vain!
Really powerful, beautiful, exciting, cheerful and demanding in the most important voices.
Energetic in its music, Strong in letter and voice, without any doubt the best for my opinion.

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