Mi sento sola.

I do not know what to do, I don't have a way to go, My mind is wandering And I have nowhere to go.
I feel alone, A huge hole in me I'm feeling it Now and here.
I feel strange, A rare bug You want A strange good.
I do not know what to do, I'm stranded And with my mind really spoiled.
I feel lost I have no guide And I will continue like this Until the end of my days.

The tenors with the highest notes I've heard (2).

      Luciano Pavarotti.
"The Italian tenor of the time": strong, demanding, emotional and exciting. The first time I heard it, I was very attracted to how he sang: a powerful way to reach a C5 without demanding, went from a simple character to another more powerful-demanding without difficulty and that, for me, will always be admiring.
      Juan Diego Flórez.
He doesn't surprise me either: a light voice that sounds fragile to me and when it goes up (as in ah mes amis!) It leaves me dumbfounded, cheerful, excited and happy. From Verdi to Bellini, a sublime, complex voice that goes up and down with ease and very well perfected for each character to play (Don Ramiro and / or Tonio).
Javier Camarena.
Did you think he would stay outside? I do, but I listened to him as Don Ramiro-Count Almaviva and Tonio and he left me perplexed with his powerful chest, simple, simple, clear and friendly; He plays very well with his roles, is chameleonic, in the majority they are comedic roles or…

Un cuore traditore.

How could i fall in love of a man without equal? How could tangled me a heart with cruelty?
How could i fall before a being like him? A tyrant That took advantage of my good.
Is love like that? Or did he give it? For everything I've seen, For him I have become like that.
doesn't even respect what one feels for him, he is a cold man And without conscience.
He doesn't feel love I never felt his heart because is empty and without any reason.
I will always regret of what my heart feels for a man without sanity and without any mind.
Goodbye Life, has taken you out of me and it has always taken me To my pure end.

The Tenors with the highest notes I've heard (1).

Actually, I never thought that he would be the first on this list but when I heard a F5 several times I was stunned, excited, happy, scared and terrified (I thought it was going to damage the voice but it wasn't like that hahaha) a chameleonic tenor, harmonious and independent (did not stay with one or two composers); an explosive, fixed voice that knew how to blend well with the aria that it was his turn to sing and in the language that it was, really a calm but explosive voice at the same time. Alfredo Germont.Fausto.RodolfoDuque de Mantua.Werther.

This one does not surprise me: apart from an attractive bearing, his powerful, fragile, forceful and exquisite voice made him one of the best and most complete tenors in history; He, in all musical aspects, complemented each character very well, stood out in all vocal and musical fields; It has been seen by many as "an exquisite and excellent vocal technique."
ManricoRadamesMario CavaradossiDick JohnsonCanio 

Nicolai Gedda, Go…

Horrors (1).

There was a princess whose sanity and beauty bewitched every man that with his eyes he saw her.
Pure as water, beautiful as the sun, Sweet as sugar And with a beautiful voice.
One day she gets lost in the depth of the snow, fear went through to the depths of his heart.
Then see a path, she is guided by destiny even a sad, forgotten And huge castle.
It was black as night, suspicious even at the tip, The princess wanted to enter To the dark place.
Fear left her alone, now was the emotion for touring the place And what to explore.
"Hello!" Said the princess but her voice sounded empty and hollow
She climbed some stairs, a very beautiful plant, of pure gold and marble where she reflected.
Her steps were heard

Le désiré.

So many stabs How could you stand them? You are truly admirable because I don't know how many hits to count.
They turned off your soul, They didn't know how to love you He saw you only with eyes And never with the soul.
It was very hard for you see lose "your lives" while those of others Yes, they would.
You let yourself beat and just back off but you proved Your effectiveness in doing.
You are to admire, your life was a "mountain", went up and down But never in a tailspin.
You don't know what you have until he loses it, he proved so Because your death came.
You showed strength like every woman, you let your husband be seen Like a coward and lost.
You entered the long list of women to admire, i will be like that and I will write many more.

A story for all women.

By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.
I really don't know how to start, I want to write it but I can't find the words to do it, I think so much and I want others to share the same.
It all started on a Monday when I went with my family to a medical appointment and we told her the reason we were going: "all because someone said she looked pregnant, I am not, I have never had a relationship with a man" then the doctor asked me to go to bed to examine me and what she found changed everything for me...
“Something feels hard under the stomach, possibly it is the uterus with MIOMAS (benign TUMORS)” TUMORS! That word alarmed me so much, I got scared, I froze and as soon as I finished examining the doctor, she told us: Do an ultrasound as soon as possible and that's how everything happened; the studies at the end determined that I had MIOMAS of more than 20 cm and that was what made me look wide and fat. All my life I thought I was fat because I am but who was going to…