Now I do have a story to tell.

Yes now I have something to tell but not to be sad nor look back.
Yes now They already "opened" me because they discovered something in me inside.
Yes now I do not have to suffer anymore because they already took it from me and I must be happy.
it was risky but now yes, I am already free of pain and I want everyone to know about my suffering.
Yes now that I am free and I will write again and I'll tell you only you.

I do not know what happens.

I do not know what is happening to me, I seem soul in pain, I am a person With a conviction.
I do not know what is happening to me, I suffer without knowing it, My mind suffers And it disappears.
I do not know what is happening to me, It's driving me crazy, I'm scared Of losing my sanity.
I have only this moment, For now it's a goodbye But I do not retire Because I want to continue.

Une grande beauté.

of a poet in love ...
I look at you, I see you, I feel like all the ice
I look at you all, You are the person, Women's the most beautiful.
I see you, you are like gold, sensitive and pure but impossible and hard.
I see you, I feel you you are in there with all my heart and all my reason.
I love you my adored, you are the secret of my "armor" big and golden.

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