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sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2018

Obsessive Liebe

Obsessive love,
lustful passion,
suggestive look
that little by little I fall in love.

Obsessive love,
Brazen behavior,
Crazed heart
and deviated pulse.

Obsessive love,
Bodies that are desired,
desiring souls
and do not show pity.

My love consumes me,
Your love overflows you,
We want to be together
and we do not care about the time.

"I will never say goodbye to you!
You are just mine,
your body and soul
belong to me now
as well as what's mine for you for life".

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2018

Goodness in disguise.

Goodness in disguise,
Loyalty that does not help
Since you leave me
empty and hung.

Goodness in disguise,
Accumulated evil
in that abrupt heart
and that corrupt soul.

Masked goodness,
Madness unleashed
in that pure darkness
of your heartless soul.

Camouflaged benignity
I always saw
and it really terrifies me
what I see and I will see in you.

Goodbye my beloved
that I can not see anymore,
I do not want to feel
and I can not go back.

martes, 30 de octubre de 2018

Une histoire pour vous.

A story for you
is what I have right here:
"Two loved ones
Whose souls are in love ...

They were always together
as if they were only one,
your fragile hearts
they give many reasons ...

One hard as stone,
Another soft like a cloud
and in both beings
love for the other prevails.

Their eyes always looked,
never separated
and especially their mouths
never stopped kissing ...

It's a story that practically
It will never, never end "
but the other person said:
"Of course it's your story with your beloved wife!"

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2018

They loved you ...

They loved you so much
that gave you peace
but with your pride
you do things without looking.

They loved you so much
that their actions were to love
and you were so happy for them
that you could not stand.

They loved you so much
that you want to reward them,
you want to return everything
without looking back.

Their love will always take you
to be the best part of you,
to be yourself
until the day of your end.

Their love never ends
as well as this song,
and my love for them

It will never come to an end.

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