Who wants so much light? Who wants the sun all the time? Can't we just have a bit of darkness at a time?
Who wants to shine? Who wants to illuminate? Because soon That has to end.
Is it you love You are going to teach me To shine and at the same time With a little darkness?
You will teach me To really see the night As I see Clearly the day?
You will teach me Both sides What really Does it mean to love?
All the time You show me And I hope you do My whole life.
The darkness goes hand in hand With the eternal light But more than anything With the love and madness that always leads.


Do you think I do nothing? Do you think me so useless? I really don't know what to think Even me.
Do you think I do nothing? Am i so useless? I do the favors that I can And that I could.
Do you think I do nothing? Do you really believe that? Because I don't know what to think anymore Not even of this.
I get discouraged a lot Just thinking Whatever they say or reason Of me everyone else.
I do not know anymore What else to do And better say goodbye Because I have to go back.

Libiamo ne lieti calici.

¡Bebamos! ¡Brindemos! ¡La vida es un festín Y quiero vivir con ello!
¡Bebamos! ¡Brindemos! ¡Que la alegría venga Con este bello momento!
¡Bebamos! ¡alegrémonos! ¡Estamos con familia Y amigos en esto!
¡Bebamos! ¡Sonriamos! ¡El baile de la vida Nunca se olvida!
¡Bebamos! ¡La amistad perdura Así como el amor Y la “locura”!

¡Bebamos “sin tí”! ¡Seremos siempre felices! ¡adiós a la tristeza
Hasta el fin!

To be a woman.

Being a woman is everything: laughs, joys, pain love everyday.
Being a woman is everything: live, feel, sleep and go With you until the end.
being a woman is ... live experiences that mark you Forever with conscience.
being a woman is a total scan of everything you are And of your whole being.
Being a woman is feel freedom from everything, the power to be and the power to do.
Being a woman is the pure power from the smallest to the greatest task.

Now I do have a story to tell.

Yes now I have something to tell but not to be sad nor look back.
Yes now They already "opened" me because they discovered something in me inside.
Yes now I do not have to suffer anymore because they already took it from me and I must be happy.
it was risky but now yes, I am already free of pain and I want everyone to know about my suffering.
Yes now that I am free and I will write again and I'll tell you only you.

I do not know what happens.

I do not know what is happening to me, I seem soul in pain, I am a person With a conviction.
I do not know what is happening to me, I suffer without knowing it, My mind suffers And it disappears.
I do not know what is happening to me, It's driving me crazy, I'm scared Of losing my sanity.
I have only this moment, For now it's a goodbye But I do not retire Because I want to continue.

Une grande beauté.

of a poet in love ...
I look at you, I see you, I feel like all the ice
I look at you all, You are the person, Women's the most beautiful.
I see you, you are like gold, sensitive and pure but impossible and hard.
I see you, I feel you you are in there with all my heart and all my reason.
I love you my adored, you are the secret of my "armor" big and golden.

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