Marie Antoinette

You were a queen Really misunderstood, You were a teenager, A funny and vivacious girl.
You were a queen Very ahead of her times, You should have been loved But you were incapable.
You were a queen Who wanted to have fun But you had an obligation That could not do at all.
You were a girl That they sent as ruler But precisely They sent you as an infant.
You were a queen That always did what you wanted And that's why they punished you In the right place and time.

Le Silence.

Silence is my weapon Against your impetuous soul, No talking allows me Look at you with regret
Silence is me Because it's my seriousness Before your temptation And your pure darkness.
Silence is my friend That moves me away from your love Because it's you The most harmful love.
But silence reminds me, As much as it hurts, That my feelings for you Do not fade.
I love you my lord, although I freak And that brings me To the pure pain.

Le Rire

Le Rire. By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.
Laughter is what I caused, Loud laughs is what I get For your pure ambition And my heartbreaking spite.
Laughter is what I am For a being like you That despises me And believe it a virtue.
Laughter is cruel Why me? Why with me you play to be different?
Your laughs are samples From the loneliness of your soul, Your mysterious looks are part of a painful passion.
This desire burns me For your capricious being, That laughter so macabre It makes me darken.
I will never be yours If you do not get to change That look will chase me Until the beyond.

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