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martes, 28 de agosto de 2018

Overture "The Marriage of Figaro".

It's weird,
Moved, Fun,
and, even though it moves me,
I'm introverted.

The "violinesque" movements
Are the ones I love,
because make me smile
and make me happy.

Are movements really
fun, exciting
and that reflect
an interesting attitude

What more can I say
of a composer like that?
He was very funny
and his great hobby: make happy.

I will continue listening
to continue writing,
because the music
It is what is filling me.

It inspires me to write,
It fills me with hope,
but I will say for now:
"This poem reaches here."

jueves, 23 de agosto de 2018

The most difficult tenor arias for a girl like me ...

If I say that the most difficult arias are for soprano is that, until today, I had not heard the arias for tenors; I am divided since the complexity for these arias impresses me and scares me a little (for almost damaging my voice haha) but really beautiful, hard, of high difficulty and emotion for the theme of the opera for which they were written ...

1. Ah! mes amis, La fille du régiment, Gaetano Donizetti.

Really surprising and fast! It gives me to think that the interpreter does not have time to improvise, to think, to rest a bit the voice because immediately a rise that leaves me silent and thoughtful.

At the beginning the movement of notes very quickly, then the beginning of the lyrics as fast as the notes (honestly I do not care about the language, in this case French, although that adds a higher degree of difficulty). The truth, it should require months of preparation this aria because the interpreter will not want considerable damage to his throat haha.

2. Vesti la Giubba, Pagliacci, Ruggero Leoncavallo.

Contrary to the previous one, the rhythm is much slower so that the sad notes of the interpretation of the man are noticed; The deepest sadness of a loving disappointment is reflected in a slow, sweet, soft, sad interpretation, with demanding notes but that the singer can resist until he feels like the character in question.

The character tries to laugh for what he should do and cry for what is happening to them (an infidelity), slow movements that try to accompany the situation, the voice of the interpreter is demanded but without physically altering it. The difficulty in this aria is noted: the singer must interpret it as if it were his situation with a voice and / or notes full of anger, hatred and much sadness.

Believe me, are not the only ones and I'm going for more ...

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2018

You miss me?

Do you miss me because of my body
or my passionate see?
You are a hard man
and of a dark being.

Do you miss me because of your loneliness
or for my loving soul?
I am a lady
which leads to you a great calm.

Do you miss me for my love
or for your black and strange reason?
I want you to love me
but not as an object without a heart.

Do you really miss me
or for a motivation?
I want to love you deeply
for being really kind.

and until you decide,
from all my heart,
I will tell you gently:
Goodbye my love.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

La tua voce ...

Your voice is the soul,
your voice is the heart
of my profound being
and my tangled reason.

Your voice is the mind
of crazy hearts
that like mine
Go, in my love, "hanging."

Your voice is the guide
of a deviant reason,
that raving,
expresses my love

My voice wants you,
My voice loves you
because we are two voices
and two beautiful souls.

Our beings
Do not say
Never Goodbye,
for all my love are you.

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2018

Un amore strano

 You offer me something strange,
a really curious love,
you offer me freedom
but I say no.

A strange love
full of lies,
secrets and intrigues
that hurt me

You will say selfish
but the love that I offer you
It is not entirely true,
It is as pure as the end.

You are a strange being
as well as your love,
I say it's two
as well as the heart.

You offer me something I can not
because it is something hurtful,
emotional, current
and I say goodbye because this poem hurts me.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2018

Non ho nulla da dire.

I have nothing to say,
nothing for me
because all my wishes
I have them in you.

I have nothing to say
except that yes,
I accept everything you
and you do not want to let me go.

I have nothing to say
because I do not want to suffer,
just tell me one thing:
"I love you till the end".

I have nothing to say,
I do not want from your side to go,
maybe I can lie to you
but from your side I'm not leaving.

I have nothing to say,
not even the goodbye of this poem
because we are two beloved
that will be until the end.

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