Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2018


Being can be cruel, Being can be bad because it reaches the extremes of the really macabre.
Being can be cruel because has a soul who can arrive at the worst level.
Being can be brutal for the ungodly heart who can arrive to a bad destiny.
Being can be ferocious for impure thoughts that can become impudent facts.
I do not want to say more! I'll just say goodbye and please those who read this Please, please be the best.


Today I do not feel anything, just a big vacuum that "fills" my whole being of somber boredom.
It's been my gray days because the sun has been hidden and takes the clouds leaving aside.
The rain never fails in these dark days, to discourage me and take me to grief.
But I always find what is my own light in these writings What do I say? It's you.
Thanks to this I find my own light, and thanks to this also say to myself: it's you.

Just because I write

Just because I write they begin to criticize, just because I write they want to talk hard.
These are just texts! are not bad writings! ARE NOT SPAM! I DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DAMAGE!
It's just a blog, are only written that come out of my mind without prior notice.
I write and write without wanting to harm, are only texts and so I say: "NO MORE!"

Non sono normale,

I'm not normal, you are not either but that's what makes me fall in love and it does not separate me like other beings.
We are! I am, you are! We are not like the others! They believe like light!
I'm not normal because my love is not and that is you even with your failures and problems.
You are not normal, I'm not either and that's why you and me We are like today.
We are! and that's why we're happy Why do we do what we do no matter what we are.
We say goodbye to you like this: "That others do not bother you and that you say: I AM LIKE THAT! "


Yo no soy normal, tú tampoco lo eres pero eso es lo que me enamora y no me aparta como los demás seres.
¡Somos Nosotros! ¡Soy yo, Eres tú! ¡No somos como los otros! ¡Ellos se creen como la luz!
Yo no soy normal porque mi amor no lo es y ese eres tú hasta con tus fracasos y problemas.
Tú no eres normal, yo tampoco lo soy y es por eso que tú y yo estamos como hoy.
¡Somos Nosotros! y por eso somos felices porque hacemos lo que hacemos sin importar lo que somos.
Les decimos adiós así: "Que los demás no los molesten y que ustedes digan: ¡YO SOY ASÍ!"


¿crees en un amor lejano? ¿crees en tu corazón? porque yo si creo  en mi loco y oscuro amor.
Es una pasión distante, un loco frenesí, una aventura amarga porque estoy apartada de ti.
no eres un arrebato porque mi corazón es puro y padece de ti porque no estás aquí.
quiero ser tu delirio así como tú eres el mío, quiero ser tu pasión como tú eres mi idilio.
En este verso cursi que es lo primero que verás pero son mis sentimientos y la realidad es así.
y como ya no quiero sufrir te digo ahora: ¡ESTE ES EL FIN!


I do not have light, I do not have color and that's because of one thing: a void in my heart.
I am a vain being, A really hollow entity for that emptiness that makes me be a fool.
You are a light of hope for this sore interlinings and I want to be your consolation in case of one that hurt you.
We would be one, believe it or not, because I see it in your eyes and it is an illusion that you love me.
And at the end of everything our souls would go together by sky, sea and land until they turn to ashes.


What hearts so raw! What beings without reason! What do they ask for something so cruel for a being that asks for love!
They must be judged because they feel they can judge! Only for one being that all he wants is love!
One day they will be judged for the same beings that have to judge and after that what they will do is cry!
I have a rage about it! I have fury for that! They can not sentence because they will be sentenced!
I know you will ask "Why do I write this?" it's because of stories of beings, rejection and recession.

Un nouvel après-midi.

Una nueva tarde, otro día que pasa pero no desapercibido porque estuve en mi casa.
Una nueva tarde de mi corta vida que espero me lleve  a cosas llenas de valentía.
Esta tarde ahora me lleva a escribir, a estar tranquila y llena de alocadas cosas.
Una nueva tarde que me lleva a decir del día: "¡Haz algo ya con esta acostumbrada vida!"
Adiós tranquilo alba que pasa otro más, adiós tranquilo data y vendrán los demás.

The great absentees of the Nobel part 2.

The great absentees of the Nobel part 2.

By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.

Could it be that the invitations are sent by people who do not explore all sectors of the economy and the administration? I just read how the candidates are selected and it is a bit disappointing apart from the other categories: they send calls to anonymous and / or institutions to apply to an individual or a group of people with common purpose and have a year to choose them, that is why I ask myself that question at the beginning and this one. Do not they see the pioneers of the administration at present? Well I do. I have already analyzed two strategists and true pioneers of quality in a company, now we will see one who has devoted a large part of his life to find the exact way to captivate the global market and a duo whose scheme raises the internal and external importance of the company.
1.Philip Kotler
"Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the power of sales" I do…

A loucura.

La folie.
What is that? an emotion of your mind that you part but at the same time it makes you aware.
It is crudity that takes you but purity that proves with pure pain what sadness leads to.
It is burning that leads the bottom of your heart but tranquility that entails to a warm splendor.
It's your mind game what makes you think How far can I go without being aware?
It's a final point what makes you break and say fiercely: "I'm going and you will not go back"
And as I said it is the final point of this writing but there are many more.

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful more if I share it with being that I love so much
That mysterious being, that dark being but eager of love and desire.
Those are my words, I do not know what yours will be and my heart asks: "Will he really love me?"
I do not know if you love me, your heart will give you away But I'll tell you one thing: Life is beautiful, it does not matter if you are.