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miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2018

Nuit d'amour.

Loving night,
ardent passion,
Desired illusion
and soul in love.

Loving night,
delirious lover,
adoration of my being
and I want to do it.

Loving night,
quiet essence,
your absolute will
in my body and my soul.

Loving night,
of tenderness and power
because to us
not force us to anything.

Dusk adored,
enduring attachment
and my spirit tells me:
"You are my eternal lover".

It will be
an eternal night
what will we say:
"I will always love you my whole life".

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2018

Un amour puissant.

You are powerful,
very vigorous
and a source of energy
that I had at rest.

You are strong,
hard as you can
and I see you invincible
even in the face of death.

You are potentate,
you do not look weak on your side,
You are well off
and I do not care about the moneyed.

You are titanic literally,
You do not leave for anyone,
You are strong and important,
I do not care how elegant.

Your strength will not leave you,
you will never give up
because my love
Will never abandon you.

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

Eine verräterische Liebe.

What is playing
him with my heart?
Will it be true of all
that is not love?

What does he play?
Is it a door,
with miserable reason,
to deep and creeping betrayal?

Is an infamy
What is going to happen?
I have horror in my soul
and the truth I hope nothing happens.

He is like smoke!
As the clouds is!
It disappears
and he does not appear.

I better say goodbye
to this dark false
what hurts me,
See you soon, fantasy.

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2018

Je suis divisé (2).

I'm divided
because the other being
it makes me fall
with his pride and my agony.

I'm divided
he shows me
the raw and cruel
of life this one.

He is not bad
but it's as if he brought
rebellion and evil
a pure slope.

He has lived
as nobody wants to do it,
with bumps and "noise"
that nobody wants in their ear.

He does not want illusions,
nor deep desamors
but how shall I tell you
"You are my dream in heaps"?

I do not want to tell
I'm starting
between two loves,
soft and hostile.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2018

Sono diviso.

I'm divided
I have two beings
that make me leave
in two "you are".

I'm divided
well one means
"peace and tranquility"
in his dream.

He leads me to think
in my own serenity,
in pure parsimony
and in the free think.

How can I tell you
I love it if I feel
that all my affection
Is it for another man altered?

How to tell
"I want to be with you"
if my affection is
totally divided?

"I love you"
is what he tells me
and in how mentions it
It is what my soul forbids me.

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2018

Mauvaises amours

Your love is not a tyrant,
Your desire is not bad
Because I've seen
What is a "crazy passion".

Your love is soft,
soft and passive like the sky,
full of life as light
and happy like you.

Other "loves" have been cruel,
dark, malicious,
vile, inconsistent
and very very unconscious.

Have been tortuous,
yours has been the best
for being respectful
and for me the most loved.

You are pure sweetness,
Shining pure heat
and with that smile
I faint from pure love.

Welcome to my Heart,
"You are welcome too,
My great soul of my being,
the truth I hope
be worthy and because my heart to yours correspond".

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2018

Obsessive Liebe

Obsessive love,
lustful passion,
suggestive look
that little by little I fall in love.

Obsessive love,
Brazen behavior,
Crazed heart
and deviated pulse.

Obsessive love,
Bodies that are desired,
desiring souls
and do not show pity.

My love consumes me,
Your love overflows you,
We want to be together
and we do not care about the time.

"I will never say goodbye to you!
You are just mine,
your body and soul
belong to me now
as well as what's mine for you for life".

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2018

Goodness in disguise.

Goodness in disguise,
Loyalty that does not help
Since you leave me
empty and hung.

Goodness in disguise,
Accumulated evil
in that abrupt heart
and that corrupt soul.

Masked goodness,
Madness unleashed
in that pure darkness
of your heartless soul.

Camouflaged benignity
I always saw
and it really terrifies me
what I see and I will see in you.

Goodbye my beloved
that I can not see anymore,
I do not want to feel
and I can not go back.

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