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Unglaubliche Stimmen

The most admirable voices for me, not only for their rank, but for the enthusiasm that was heard within them.

I feel that I hear the true spirit of the human being! this is only in the opera because I definitely love to write what I feel when I listen to it; beings who are admirable, who suffered and knew how to rise from it to be an example to others with their voice:

1. Maria Callas.

"The great lady of the opera," I say so because her voice has made this genre the most respectable of all and the most demanding. A deep delicacy, a loyalty to the character, a way of interpreting that said how strong and sensitive she was and, best, a person who never tired and who sang as much as he could.

2. Luciano Pavarotti.

If Maria Callas was "the great lady of the opera" then Pavarotti is "the great knight", a voice that, as they once said, "is heard very little today". His interpretations were always with an unparalleled strength (that voice power had, an…

Who are you?

Who are you? only a sorry soul looking for comfort in other people's land.
Only someone who loves but it is not loved, Only someone who seeks but is not sought.
Only one screw lost in search of a hole, Just a needle but that is in a haystack.
I am just a being who seeks comfort, an ordinary being that seeks the yearning.
Writing inspires me to do it even more because I express myself Full-time.
But I am only a being what are you looking for here and now, because I am a being who loves you right at this hour.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.
This love more! It makes me up And down so no more!
It is a "thunderous" melody, A beautiful souvenir of sounds, Sweet harmony At different rates.
A beautiful tone for spring, It reflects the fun, purity, Emotion and grandeur A tone that lifts you.
A radiant summer tone Which reminds me The beauty of the holidays And the beautiful "wandering".
A calm tone autumn That makes me feel good, A sense of tranquility And deep kindness.
An exciting tone winter, Tones that really I suggest playing A beautiful note and a beautiful look.
I agree with some, This is the best For its tones, his influence on me And his joy really.

Fur Elise

Fur Elise

By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.

What a great melody ever heard! What a great work has reassured me! Pure poetry without words! Pure music has dominated me!
I feel happy, Cheerful, happy Just hearing This great work.
A clear hand, A soft instrument, A beautiful melody and Very gratifying.
Sweetens even the most deaf ears, Silences the most talkative, I wake up, I bore And "I hear" a glow.
A poem without words, I had already said, Because the poem emerges Heart like a nest.
Notes clear as water And other warm like the sun, I feel trapped And full of color.
Is love But do not say others, It is love at a distance And it does feel his deep heart.
A trip to life, It leads me to light, It gives me hope And it gives birth to my color.
So it will be in the rest? Will I feel so trapped like this? I just feel And I will listen.

Money flow quadrant.

Introduction.It is a very interesting book, its author one of the best finance and a great life story. Kiyosaki explains his formula through their experiences to achieve success, freedom and security in the labor, financial and business world. I admit, I read far as I could because I like to read in detail and I liked a lot, plus I added that languages ​​other than Spanish.

1. Summary. 1.1. Chapter 1. It is curious that this couple decide not get a job because they had a dream of financial freedom. The privilege was the author of this book does not have many people, having a living example and teaching of two beings who love and want the best for him; he built the dream came apparently in the lives of his parents; It was a dream built by the experienced, observed and learned from their parents. This couple chose to leave their job, not get another despite the difficulties, because what they wanted was no job security. The author wants us to publicize the existence of different methods by wh…

How to make money out of nothing?

How to make money out of nothing?
By: Laura Stephanie Martinez Villamil.

seems that everything outside a sequence (this test follows the previous one did) and all with the same theme: a good use of your capital no matter how small ...

It is a big topic How to make money out of nothing?
This is a manual:
1. Have capital (can be whatever you have in your pocket) 2. Think very good (investment or expense). 3. If you invest, you will have to decide which is the best field (real estate, gold, stocks, etc). It's all a process (Did you think it was easy? Well it is not). You must think very carefully since there are many fields that are "fragile" (by the falling price of market sector can raise or lower the price) and, hence, will see the benefits and consequences of your investment. I had never explored this subject (never I never thought seriously) but seeing this video started exploring this issue and me even more excited knowing that you always have a "plan B"…