Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2018

Meine Schönheit.

What is beauty for a being like me? It is a natural state, a someone without fear.
The most important beauty, the most in love is the one that carries the most thoughtful
The delicacy of the skin it's really superficial compared to my natural soul
the splendor is shown illuminating with actions, with samples of loves, our deep hearts.
the gallantry of being, the courage to know the soul of the beloved It is never to finish knowing.

Frohe Weihnachten!

Happy Days For everyone, Happy Holidays for everyone like none.
Happy Easter for all who love be with yours in his humble home.
Happy nativity So much happiness that we deserve time to remember!
Great entertainments Where do we start? It's the best party throughout the year!
The truth that I want is to tell everyone: Merry Christmas! Enjoy healthy and really!

Sans secrets.

My love, I hope your feelings do not have any, No secret
My love, My love will be a book That will always be for you open.
My love, The heart that I have beats and beats for your love that is not alien.
My love, You represent passion, love, sweetness and a lot, a lot of reason.
Forgive my love But for now, the long distance it's the best.

Un amorevole Natale.

A loving Christmas, A loving birth Because God came To give us his love and compassion.
A loving Christmas That we fill with madness Very, very burning and a passion very indecorous.
A loving Christmas That gives us a beautiful house, It gives us a sincere peace and a courageous way.
A valuable celebration That fills me as a person of love to all and I do not feel alone.
A party without end, love even for you, Thank you thank you very much for being my friendship and believing in me.

Un gran día.

Un gran día, Un gran ser Porque mi amor Va a ser él.
Un gran día, Una gran hora Porque quiero verlo Y quiero tenerlo.
Mi gran día, Mi profunda pasión Que arde y arde Desde el fondo de mi corazón.
Mi eterno amor, Mi secreta obsesión Que me hace sonreír Y me dice: "te quiero para mí".
No me despediré, Nunca te dejaré Porque nos dijimos: "Por siempre te amaré".

Eres mío.

Eres mío, Como cuerpo y alma, Eres mío, Como todo en mi mirada.
Eres mío, Como toda parte de mí, Eres mi profundo amor Hasta el fin.
Tu alma, tu mente, Tu cuerpo, tu razón clemente... Todo tú  Me lleva demente.
Mi amado esposo, Mi profundo ser, Eres lo que más amo Y lo que siempre voy a amar ver.
Eres mío Así que no me despediré Porque estaremos juntos Hoy y para siempre.

Un amore assente.

An absent love, A present shadow, A burning heat And a pending body.
An absent love How much it hurts me, A nonexistent love What love for me does not feel.
A yearning love Against another ignorant, A nostalgic love versus a scanty one.
Why do you have to "love me"? Why are you hurting me like that? I know it's you the one who wants to make me suffer!
I will say goodbye To this cruel love! See you never evil resentment!