Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2019

Your only wish?

A man sees his partner With fervent gaze, Full of desire And he asks the question:
Your only wish It's that woman That with her look Does it make you fall?
Your only wish It's that figure How passionate you even look at the waist?
Your only wish It is an excessive pleasure By the one that takes you When going crazy?
Your only interest It's that maiden What is indifferent And for you do not turn around?
Is that girl Why your mind falls, Your body calls it But is it late?
Yes! -Responds the man- Because it's worth it! And that my love for her It is eternal and until the end!
He goes annoying And the other man surprised For what he later saw: His friend kissing the woman he fell in l


This writing is from a poet That having betrayed To his great love, He falls prisoner of his pain:
Forgive me my lady For being a simple man That was dropped by his ambition, Forgetting your heart
Forgive me for everything My beloved woman Because my heart For a moment was unfaithful.
My soul is broken, My mind is sick For being a traitor When looking at another.
My idolized, I was clumsy when falling, I was unable to resist And now I regret, of not respecting you.
I was denied to you Because my eyes were fixed on another But my heart It is in you because it adores you.
Forgive me for everything For wanting to "play"  I hurt you And you stopped me wanting.
If you read this It's because you still love me And I want to tell you: "I have to love you always my beloved lady."

Tense Calm.

I feel a tense calm In all my being, I feel immense fear Which leads me to ignore.
I feel a tense calm And it goes through my body, It's loneliness And the pure confusion.
I feel a tense calm, Something inside alarms me, It is the isolation That always hoards me.
I feel a tense calm, I feel despair Because of the dark separation In my well-being
I feel very impatient Because of the deep melancholy, For being impatient And full of rebellion.


I do not know if having faith Because I feel empty, I do not know whether to hold on Something that, inside, ends me.
I do not know if having faith Because I feel hollow, Flat, free And "with many cracks".
I do not know if having faith Because I feel broken For a lack of love Without any kind of honor.
I do not know how to really love To that "shadow man" That captivates me with his look And empty me with your soul.
I really do not know What I'm going to do With this deep love That will hurt me.
Something that I know I'm never going to faint, For my God and my honor That I will not leave my faith.


Great composers have filled my poems And their notes are full Of the most beautiful things.
Great stories Have filled my verses For the deep sorrow / joy What they had in their lives
Deep notes, Beautiful sonatas, Works "unattainable" for me That are admirable.
Some of them excite me, Others reflect In life itself And me in my person.
are "immortal" works That will always be in my head And help me a lot To be in my right mind.
Always my admiration, My deep respect Towards their beautiful music Until the eternal.

Un dolce gusto.

A sweet taste in my mouth, A passionate caress in my being, A sweet in my body And a lot of passion in my soul.
A sweet taste in my mouth What will happen to my neck, And my being will enjoy it Without much suspicion.
A beautiful taste It was impregnated in my skin, A great essence It was given until it gave way.
A delicious smell It has been given in my complexion With such a delicate touch In my sensitive being.
A splendid tasting For a tireless man That literally gave me his soul With everything and honor.
This will never end Because we give ourselves everything, Even the penalties That I erased with your fingerprints.

Ein dunkler Nachmittag.

A dark afternoon, a silent place what despairs me and at the same time it puts me at rest.
I write this poem In this tense afternoon Because that's what inspires me And it fills me up a lot.
It's not just darkness, It is a pure cry Of absolute silence But without terror.
The rain comes As a good companion, That do not want to get away And much less is left.
I see in the background From this "black" afternoon A sun that goes away And a walking rain.
I feel good, With much rest And full of writings, The most beautiful
I will never end, My mind does not stop, It only says: "Goodbye to the dawn".

Der Hölle Rache (Arie der Königin der Nacht).

How much fury! How much anger! The wrath of a mother in just a dare!
The most difficult for the most fragile voice! A Fa6 to celebrate! A staccato not to sing!
Asking for something difficult The Queen expresses her fury when hearing that her daughter does not want to do what her word says!
Climbs without level! A demanding role That makes it worthy from a really powerful voice!
A really fast tone! An awesome being with the music that he made a really present entity!
I want to write more! This aria gives me a lot! The best and most difficult for all the voices that sing it, even in vain!
Really powerful, beautiful, exciting, cheerful and demanding in the most important voices.
Energetic in its music, Strong in letter and voice, without any doubt the best for my opinion.


Courage, honor, Audacity, fervor, In my heart There is only pure love.
Courage, courage, Passion, savagery, Daring in yourself And delirium in my reason.
Total adoration A being without compassion, With daring And a lot of antipathy inside.
An absolute veneration To a brutal being, Without ceasing to be me And stronger than that.
Only my eyes Mean pure courage, With this I say goodbye And a see you soon.


Light green, Dark green, A beautiful color And I want it for me.
Strong green, Beautiful green, Nature with your color Is meaning of rest.
Living green, Clean green, Clear beauty Like the pure river.
I look at you, I calm down, I see you my darling color And you are enlightened.
You are outstanding, A clear tone, A beautiful range And a very strange alive.
You are a reason That I always look, The beautiful nature That will always exist.

Il tuo sorriso.

It's your smile the one that inspires me and it's your mouth that screams at me
It's your smile the one that takes me to a place of happy to think.
It's your look the one that makes me dream with the purest being with which I can be.
"My deep love, My beloved passion” It's what I think with all my heart.
You are a sacred being, a dangerous obsession but at the time you take all my absolute and sincere love.

The best baritone arias for a girl like me.

I have always heard that the best arias or fragments of an opera come from sopranos or tenors but we do not realize that there have been characters of high tonality that come from voices that can impact us with their "arrival" to higher notes than their range allows without leaving their position; they are voices that are called "intermediate" because they are located between DO to SOL with harmony, melody and a bit of humor-drama (it depends on the fragment and the work they are representing); Characters that accompany and even star in some of the most important operas for their wise handling of the voice and the situation that is represented.
This is just another part of my opinions about great pieces of music…
Toreador, en garde[1]. I definitely love it! It's explosive, elegant, passionate, saying "I'm the best" literally, incredible, danceable, etc. Slow vocal movements at the beginning do as if he really said it to a lover, at a rhythm that he wa…

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