domingo, 29 de abril de 2018

Ode to Joy (Ninth Symphony).

A true hymn!
A true composition!
because it reaches the deepest
of our hard heart.

At first a deep calm,
a clear sound of peace
Which leads us to think:
"I want my serenity."

Then the poem begins,
a severe change of feelings
that drive me crazy
and take me to a sudden commotion.

It is the true epic
of the life of this great composer,
he felt everything
and he wrote it out of love.

It is a song to the world,
It is an epicenter of what we are
because we must be
and so we will be the best.

I wish I could say more
of this great melody,
but I would be short
with this simple poem.

viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

Un dì, felice, etérea.

A happy day
is that you express me
what you really feel:
your love for me.

A happy day
is that we say,
how much we love each other

A really happy day
is that we are together,
really in love
until the end.

A happy day
is that your look
and mine
let us separate for nothing.

A happy day
is that this poem,
as well as our love,
never end and cause us pain.

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Addio del passato.

Goodbye to the past,
Goodbye from afar,
because my heart
It has been spotted again.

Goodbye to the past,
Goodbye my love
for the bitterness
that overshadows my color.

Goodbye my being,
Goodbye my life
because grief overwhelms me
day after day.

Why a goodbye?
for the pain of loneliness
and the lonely lack of love
that takes me and condemns me.

Goodbye beloved song
as well as my love
because I did not know how to be loved
nor how to give my heart.

lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Sì, trovarti io giuro.

Yes, I swear to find you
because it hurts inside,
and what surprises me most,
it is that it is my heart of mourning.

Yes, I swear to find you
because your soul and mine
are desperate
and want to join day after day.

I have sworn to find you,
and that for me
is oath of fidelity
until the end.

I have insured
to the most important things for me,
that I will join you
or I will die without you.

I will follow my oath
because my heart
and I tell you my love:
I will love you every day.

Goodbye poem
because my heart,
together with the reason,
to my very sacred love.

sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

Vesti la Giubba.

Dress the jacket
to disguise the pain
that you cause me
by rejecting my love

dress the jacket
to hide the grief
that drags my heart
and the punch that this entails.

dress the jacket
to tell you in the dark:
"I hope your heart
let yourself be carried away by guilt. "

"You are the hardest being
that's why you condemn yourself,
not loving me,
You will condemn me too. "

Put on the disguise
because my heart in the end,
like this poem,
will wrinkle and say NO MORE!

jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

Un homme, une histoire.

A single man, nicknamed "The Incorruptible", made the kings of France themselves tremble, and began the greatest social, political, economic and administrative change of all history.

Who was Maximilien Robespierre?

This is an interesting question ... Since childhood, Robespierre always wanted to defend the weakest people, all his family had done it and he was following in the footsteps of his father (lawyer), his grandfather (councilor) and his great-grandfather (public prosecutor). When he was younger, he went to Paris to study law. There are anecdotes that say that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, on the day of his coronation, went to visit a law school and the first to receive them with a speech was Robespierre himself, but Louis XVI was not attentive to what he said. the young man and this generates a certain distrust of Robespierre.

His political life.

Louis XVI had led France to bankruptcy, due to the support he gave the US to become independent and the high expenses of French royalty (the truth must be told, to please only the rich). Then Luis made a decision:

"Louis XVI summoned the States General to solve the bankruptcy of the real finances (1788)".

It was there that Robespierre made his leap into politics: he was elected a deputy in the Third Estate and there he noticed a (how do I say) "big little" problem: the people he was listening to were not the people. only the clergy (first state) and royalty (second state) were heard, where was the true French people? As always they kept quiet, and that they were more.
This motivated Robespierre to fight for the true people, the middle class and poor people. Something I like about this character is this:

"He soon gained popularity for his interventions on behalf of blacks and mutinous soldiers, the defense of the ideals of equality, freedom and fraternity ..."

What began as a simple discussion between three "parties", ended in a radical change thanks to the words of this man. The whole town started to rise because Louis made decisions and then he regretted ...

● He tried to become an economist by writing and giving economic reforms, but all he did was increase the tax on the poor and reduce it to the rich.

● He hired his finance minister Jaqcues Necker to help him manage his pocket, but after several events he fired him (which people did not like and was the trigger for the revolution).

Robespierre did the opposite:

● Balanced the three powers and even got rid of one (royalty) and tried to replace the other (the church).

● Together with George Danton and Jean Paul Marat, he created a credible and just government for the people.

● He created the Public Salvation Committee and, thanks to this, formulated an agrarian reform, implemented an education system for all and established a minimum wage.

He knew what he was doing. He wanted equality and freedom among all but, little by little, his power was absorbing him until he implemented an unexpected model ...

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, while the secret of tyranny lies in keeping them ignorant"
Maximilien Robespierre.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Pourquoi me réveiller?

Why do you wake me up
when my heart tells me
that sleeps
because with you is that I dream?

Why do you wake me up?
when this beautiful aria
fills me and says like a sun:
"It is your love that consoles me".

for a reason you wake me up
and on the other hand you bring me,
but both are mixed
and they say: "your love for another is my condemnation".

for a reason you wake me up,
because you love me
but your promises
It is what hurts me the most.

goodbye my beloved,
Goodbye my heart
and in this poem
I tell you Goodbye my love!

lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Une vie.

A life,
A song,
A poem
For all my love.

A life
It's enough for us
For us two
Have us face to face

A life
It is seeing you lightened,
With your clear smile
And tell me good morning.

A life
My beloved being,
It's enough
To make you give up.

A life
It's something short,
That like this poem,
It came to an end soon.

viernes, 13 de abril de 2018

Du bist es

It's you.

It's you
Because told me
The one I listen to so much
And to the one that I perceive the most.

It's you
And the other says it
Because always thinks on you
At every minute and hour.

It's me
The one that reveals my heart
Because at this moment
It does not even take me right.

We are,
One being,
because we are
and you will always have me.

This is the end
From this beautiful song
But the beginning
Of a just relationship.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Un caffè per entrambi

A coffee for both,
to share our joys,
our experiences
day after day.

A coffee for both
to tell us,
"As I love you".

One for two
because in the future
and we tell everyone:
"I'm just yours."

One at sunset
and forever
each month:
"I'll love you forever."

and with this one poem
I write you my love:
"this is the final verse
but a part of our relationship".

sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

The other best Arias for a girl like me.

If I continue with this writing it is a genre that before because I was not listening honestly, now fills me with many emotions. The truth is that many feel has lost its effect and have stopped going to theaters for their ignorance; They do not know what they're missing and I'm taking advantage of it because classical music relaxes me, amuses me, excites me, calms me down, etc. The opera takes me without physically going to the theater, makes me want to interpret these characters but, more than anything, to interpret pieces that have excited the man over the years; I had already written now only part I on the other:

E lucevan le stelle.
I love, love me plain and simple; a man who is on the verge of death thinks and relive the moments with his beloved, pray for his life in a loud and trembling voice to the interpreter tenor and that leads me to so many things, so it is the most recognized and my favorites.

 Roberto Alagna

Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen.
I honestly say it is the most difficult for a soprano: other than it is a complex language like German (I say this from experience haha), musical or instrumental movement is extremely fast (common in the music of Mozart) making the voice of the interpreter is admired for me. Thanks to this aria, Die Zauberflöte is of the greatest operas and the most difficult.

Si, ritrovarla giuro io.
The truth I am not so "Rossinian" but the opera and the story always liked me so romantic and strong must be the voice of the interpreter (tenor). I like how he decides to find his unknown beloved madly; Always plays a little slow and low rate change is made to note further interpret voice, something that until now I catch the aria and win a point with me.

Largo al Factotum or Figaro.
It makes me laugh for his mischievous, funny and witty to the interpreter (in this case baritone) ringtone, music is recognized because it adds simplicity and sympathy to the letter without it is simple but fast in pace, common, funny ( recounting a jocular way of life of the barber) and that always has been to be the best.

Pourquoi me Reveiller .
Pourquoi me Reveiller,
Ô souffle du Printemps?
Pourquoi me Reveiller
South mon sens front je tes caresses,
Pourtant est proche et le temps well
Des orages et des tristesses!
Pourquoi me Reveiller,
Ô souffle du Printemps?
Demain dans le vallon
Viendra le voyageur
Gloire de ma is souvenant première.
Et ses yeux vainement
Chercheront ma splendeur.
Ils ne plus trouveront that deuil
Et that misère! hélas!
Pourquoi me Reveiller ,
Ô souffle du Printemps?[1]

It's so romantic and yet so sad! A sweet melody as above but with more seriousness and deep sadness for her love in the voice of the interpreter, soft musical movements and harmony in the rhythm that gives the letter much more meaning than it has. Sadness, melancholy, love, emotion and passion in one aria make you reach the most bottom of my heart.

And it is true because I in my poems I do, unintentionally, to put words together is music, which is why these verses have reached the top of music regardless of whether complex or not, are and always will part of the music for what really are: music.

[1] LETTER "POURQUOI ME Reveiller ',

jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

Nessun dorma.

(I know what you think but it is not like that, are poems dedicated to the Arias and that impel me to write).

Another title to admire,
"stolen" to create you
a poem from me
what you want to hear

Nobody sleep
to have witnesses to admire
of this poem said
and that I want to dedicate to you.

My heart can not stand
this silence imposed
for my flat refusal
and the rejection seen in it.

It is fear itself
who submitted so much to my heart,
but your sincere look
He filled it with absolute value.

Now with that fervor,
I dedicate all my heart
and I hope you tell me:
"I give you my love."

Goodbye poem,
because I will receive
an answer
to my loving / painful dilemma.

martes, 3 de abril de 2018

E lucevan le stelle.

The truth is that this poem is the meaning, for me, of that beautiful aria of Puccini about love ...

And the stars looked,
even if it's a title robbery,
it takes me to dream
with the man who sees me.

And they look now
because I saw him
and our hearts
they connected I felt it.

My soul, your being,
my body, your heart,
it's a misunderstanding
and pure reason.

One view
Filled us with love,
Filled us with hope
to our hearts.

Goodbye poem,
welcome love
because it is the beginning
of a beautiful relationship.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

What I want?

What I want?
A breeze from your soul
What I want?
A kiss of your calm

What I want?
A part of your body
Because your heart
It's what I want most.

What do you want?
You said to me with lust:
"Your heart
As pure energy. "

This one poem
In which I want to tell you
No problem
That this is the end.

The best operas overtures for a girl like me.

First part. By Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez. How to start? I really do not know! Hahaha. I have listened to so much classica...