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lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017

La nuit

I talked about the morning,
I talked about the afternoon,
What am I going to talk about now?
I'm going to talk about the beautiful night.

Calm Calm
A colossal silence,
A total tranquility,
That is the natural night
and the calm that will reign now.

How beautiful and dark,
how black and clear,
how beautiful and silent!
That is the night!

How it catches me,
how it calms me,
how it takes me
to the absolute raft!

That raft that carries
to the deep sea of ​​dreams,
That raft that gives us
to get beyond.

Silence reigns
in the beautiful night
and calm is your partner
and take it to the place where it lies!

goodbye good friends,
goodbye my great love
because the big night
It takes me to dream with color.

Le matin

The morning is beautiful!
It means a happy day
where everyone is calm
and positive until the end.

That sunlight
Brightens my life
with each lifted.

I want to hear new things
with each new shine,
I want to see something innovative
that makes me dazzle.

I want to feel freshness
with each new look,
I want to feel alive
with each sunlight.

That in my room between
a breath of hope,
of peace and tranquility,
of love and confidence.

That every day's work
I can do it smiling,
that every new fact
highlight with feeling.

Every morning
I always hope for something new,
make me smile
and that it is not raining.

domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

Le soir

Sunset is meaning
of a great day
what happened
in my long life.

The sunset means
that the past is just that,
it means that the new comes
with a good wind.

The sunset makes me understand
that a new flame is ignited,
that a light
it shines again.

The sunset brings me
to believe that there is something better,
that will always see a tomorrow
and a day with "more color".

And this does not end
because the sunset is just a piece
of what's coming in my life
and something in his lap.

This is just a fragment
but it tells something
that really comes out of my mind

viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017


Love is the theme
that I play in all my poems
I would like to make them known
so they can see what I can do.

Every time I write
I feel very inspired,
since my stories
They are full of love and anxiety.

My writings are
inspired stories
in works seen
and very passionate.

Each time my mind
want to write more,
It is full of stories
that can not wait.

I have so many ideas,
I can not wait.
Every time I write
I want to fall in love.

The one of us

the one of us
it is a deep sadness
because it hurts
without seeing it in any person.

It hurts me,
to you much more.
it is a mutual desolation
that causes a vacuum
in my hard soul.

I feel alone,
your bad healthy,
our minds have been
disturbed by something evil.


I feel very bad
For that man
Who rejected me
Without even knowing my name.

He thinks he can judge me,
But it's not like that
Since I have a lot to show
And he will know who I am.

Why is the lack of love like that?
Sometimes I just want
That a man made me

They do not like how I think?
They do not like how I am?
If you like a girl
It's because it's "super play"

But there are also women
Which are ugly but serious
I do not consider myself very pretty
But I am a woman made.

Do not be disturbed ladies!
We have the power!
We are much stronger
and smart too.

We are "superheroines"
and all the time we fight
to be much better
than in those times!



Past is past,
future is future.
But in the great love
this does not influence any.

Big Love
they are great feelings
of purity and honor,
and it feels very beautiful.


To look behind,
is not to commit again
mistakes of the past
that would hurt again.

From the past to today,
There is only one step,
and for love
It is linked by a strong bond.


Feel your hands
It's feeling your universe
That must be so beautiful
Like a beautiful vase.

Give you a hand
With every moment,
There I want to tell you
With desire
"I have a sincere love for you".

My life and my soul
Along with yours,
They must be a
And join for life.

Forgive me, if I have offended you,
Forget me, if I've cheated on you,
But do not make me say
"I do not love you" if it is not true.

feel your hate
it is death in life,
so you would take it from me
and it would hurt me so much.

Dank dir

Die Weisheit von dir
es hat mich mit Macht erfüllt,
der Gnade und Vernunft
und das ist meine Art zu danken.

Dank dir
und meine Kollegen,
Ich fühle mich voller Energie
und aufrichtige Liebe.

Literatur und Studium
Ich habe sie dort entdeckt
wo viele in der Zukunft
Sie werden sich bis zum Ende gut fühlen.

Thanks to you

The wisdom of you
it has filled me with power,
of grace and sanity
and this is my way of thanking.

Thanks to you
and my colleagues,
I feel full of energy
and sincere love.

Literature and study
I discovered them there
where many in the future
They will feel good until the end.

Between two

between two we are one,
that come together with this feeling
and of any sincere color.

I would like to tell you this
too many times,
because my heart can not stand
and I want to reveal it
to the whole world

my eyes, my lips,
my mouth wait for you,
and some day
You and I will be getting married here.


Welcome to your home,
Welcome to your light,
Where your family
Receives you with great virtue.

We are happy
Because they arrived well.
They enjoyed, they smiled and they danced
Samba until more can not.

This poem
It is also a memory,
From that magical and beautiful trip
And of everything they saw.

Now a rest
From so much fantasy,
Of so much magic
What made their lives come.

And with no more words,
I just want to say
Welcome to your home!

miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017

A light at the end

Now I wonder
how I feel?
like pure ice
and the harsh winter.

I'm just a being
who seeks guidance and consolation
in a strange world
and looking for a dream.

But I find a light
that seems clear and beautiful
and it makes me smile
and it comforts me

It's you!
If it's you!
You are my guide
in the midst of adversity.

I love you I need you
because you are the light that guides me,
because it's you,
only you.

I finally see clarity,
I finally see the light
that in the end blinds me
but you are.

Thank you my love!
Thanks my brightness!
You are the glow
that every day I look.

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