Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2018

Ich bin hier.

I'm here, I am for you, I'm willing To live and live.
I'm here To live happily, Radiant, happy And smile to the end.
I'm here To be myself, To be more free Thanks to you.
I'm here To return to my home, To cheer To the beings that love me.
They will never stop loving me, I will never stop loving them, I will never say goodbye, Never again.

Tu cuerpo no eres.

Tu cuerpo no eres, tu ser es tu alma ¿qué quiero decir? siempre vas a ser.
Tu cuerpo no eres, es solo materia, solo pura carne y lo que importa es tu conciencia.
Tú eres mucho más, eres vida, esperanza y color en medio de carne que aguanta tanto dolor.
Tú eres todo, nunca eres nada, eres siempre vida, puro y físico amor.
Todo lo vales tú, todo lo puedes porque realmente quieres y por eso realmente "oro" eres.
Nunca diré adiós, eres tu mejor amiga, eres tu mejor voz y por eso nunca diré adiós.

Ich habe Leben

Something that will never turn me off, something that will never be taken away from me: I have life after the beyond.
It's a given gift, It is a gift given, life itself, my own command.
It's a command, a powerful order, Live for whom? for me walking.
It's pure fun, An emotion colors not even see the hour itself
I will not say goodbye because it is not the time, I will live for myself, for me alone
Thanks for everything...


Loneliness kills me, loneliness alters me because my soul
it feels sorry.
Loneliness takes away to the deepest sleep, even the most beautiful, It gives me very hard.
Loneliness is a friend and sometimes an enemy, is a feeling that confuses me the sense.
Loneliness is a space that gives me like a vacuum but that makes me think "what is happening with me?"
I'll say goodbye to this great companion but at the same time is a rival in this way only.

Ho paura ...

I'm afraid of loneliness, I fear the pain because both we wrap ourselves in love.
I'm afraid it's worth it and the harsh sentence what would you give me with your unexpected departure.
I'm afraid of your unexpected and unthought of, you are so much like that You worry me here.
I'm afraid at dawn because your being is not, because I would not have your love and also at sunset.
I'm just meat, you are the soul both together We will always be calm.
I'll say goodbye now and for a while, because my soul it is essence that deserves to be scaled away.

The blackness.

The blackness of the soul It hurts the most But what it shows the most Of my soul
The blackness of being It is the most honest, the hardest and most hostile What more can I do but I do not want to see.
The blackness of the soul, the night to see, it makes me sad but without ceasing to know.
My blackness, the hidden part of me wants to go out and jump but I will not allow it.
Goodbye good readers and I really hope that you like this poem to their hearts.


Pure darkness in the middle of the light, Pure night It's where you are.
Pure imagination full of morbid memories, Pure heart full of bitter pain.
Death surrounded you, flirted and groped, always wanted to take you and who you looked at, death took away.
Pure blackness that is what I see in your bitter self what more I want to know.
Your books call me, your poetry guides me, an excellent teacher, a bitter guide.
Goodbye good friend, goodbye grand master, but it will not be long I will continue with this.