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sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

The great classic pieces for a young girl like me.

I never thought I would write things like that, I never thought I would write things like the best arias or the best pieces for someone like me, but listen and listen to music and think "why should I keep what I think?" These pieces led me to write this because fill me with emotions that I had never felt and that I did not know before that I could feel (including Overtures of operas). Beautiful angelic choirs, really elegant piano pieces, orchestra concerts that make me close my eyes to go to paradise and more.
For now I will not say who are the best composers for me since each one has a style for music.

  1. Ninth Symphony (Neunte Sinfonie), Ludwig van Beethoven.
The best for me without a doubt, the beginning of the poem is the delicious opening to a symphony that expresses a truly concentrated, emotional Beethoven, full of the most beautiful ideas, peaceful and human.
This leads me to think about true peace in the world: that you tell me "you are my brother", the loyalty between all, the sincerity but more than anything the love for all.
The movements or rhythms translate the tranquility with which it was composed (for me) and the choirs translate the union that was wanted to listen to it and take it to the rest of the world. This was the "face" that Beethoven always wanted to show and could not have locked himself in, that's why this is the best for me: for a quiet pace but in the end shows the union of one being with another peacefully.

2.   Overture "Le nozze di Figaro", Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

A really fast rhythm, spectacular, that makes me smile for a really accelerated rhythm of the violins and with a support of the instruments of winds of the same speed.
Now a repeated rhythm with the same emotion that Mozart must have felt when listening to it for the first time, the ups and downs of note from one end to the other is something that I have always noticed of the German composers, especially Mozart.
As I said at the beginning, each composer had a unique style that he wanted to impose in his times without disrespecting the listeners' ears and, in this case, the Overture was unique because of those extreme changes that the composer put in his scores and that is why It is the best for me personal taste.

3.      Overture "Il barbiere di Siviglia", Gioachino Rossini.

Contrary to the above, this is my favorite by a slow but humorous and fun movement, full of really exciting movements for people who want to learn an instrument. At the beginning soft and really calm movements of instruments like the violin or the flute that make think about wonderful things until ... the fast, really funny movements of the violin and the really exciting quick notes of the wind and string instruments arrive.
If you want to listen to something that has fun but without hearing voices, this is your best option. Something I want to emphasize here is that I'm not very "Rossinian" but I say that this is the best overture of Rossini's operas by animated movements, slow but fast, high-low tones, scales of simple-complex notes and the funny thought that is going to have of the work put in scene.

As I have written on previous occasions, these are not the only pieces that I like and I will write about more because of its complexity.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2018


Those Eyes
Caught me that time
That you saw me
And with your eyes I stayed.

Those Eyes
Were just a synonym
Of emotion and joy,
Day after day.

Those Eyes
Reflected what I wanted to be:
A loved one
And who loves at the same time.

Those Eyes
Do not let me think,
Its clear blue
From just looking.

Those Eyes
Will always be yours
As well as my heart,
My eyes were tied with your love.

Those Eyes
Will never say goodbye to me
Because will always be
The eyes of the heart.

martes, 24 de julio de 2018


I am a shadow
for you are the sun,
I am darkness
and you the radiance.

I am darkness
but with a heart
who wants to shine
thanks to your love

I'm black
with pure reason
who wants to take you
at the bottom of my heart.

I am gloomy
with a dark being
and what do I want you to wear
to a beautiful sunrise.

I mix all night
of a shy being
but my love towards you
is what I clarify.

Goodbye Dark Twilight
that the sky got clearer,
a cruel farewell
but a beautiful clarify.

jueves, 19 de julio de 2018


I despair with ease
For a foolish thing
Of the same life
And it is the same truth.

I despair of everything
Because sometimes I do not do things
And that brings me
Truly more painful.

I despair very fast
Because I feel bad
But I know that I can
And I will achieve it.

I despair
And that brings me
To do nonsense
But never crazy.

I despair
But I do not sink
Because I am strong
And no pain will take me.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2018


White as snow
just outside
but inside
dense as the fog.

White as the clouds
and soft like them
But on the bottom
black as the dense night.

White as a leaf,
Without anything written
But what do you want?
Write something with me

White are you
But Black at the same time
Because a being
It is double-wise.

White are you
And on the gray background,
I say goodbye
One, like that.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2018

Eras tú.

Ese rostro escondido,
Esa mirada ausente,
Esos ojos oscuros
No lo harán por siempre.

Ese cuerpo tuyo
Es el que me envuelve
En una apasionada vista
Y se vuelve absorbente.

Ese rostro tuyo,
Una mirada deseosa
Que me lleva
A una pasión ardorosa.

Eras tú
Quien me llevo al amor
Y a la pasión más loca
Que me alejó del dolor.

Eras tú
Y por eso digo adiós,
Porque si te toco
Perderé mi razón.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2018


Calm my heart,
calm your being
because it is the reason
the one that does not want to see.

Calm love
Why the hurt
over time
it becomes passion.

Calm my soul
because it is your spirit
the one that takes you
to the feeling that despairs.

Calm my heart
because it's
who is telling me:
"I love you because you are my reason".

Calm and goodbye,
this I write you
because it is the end
of this beautiful song.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

A punishment for love.

A punishment for love
is what takes me
to this hard place
from the bottom of my heart.

A punishment for love,
I do it for him
for the undue nature
of his coquettish being.

A punishment for love
for immoral behavior
of my beloved
and that he really "loves" me.

A real punishment
to the manly heart
but that in view of another
It seems weak.

A real punishment
It will be like this:
"Goodbye and I love you
but I do not want you to make me suffer. "

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

I want to be.

I want to be
Someone special
What is illusion
With much more.

I want to be
More than I am,
Without exceeding me,
Go where I'm going

I want to be
Beyond being
What I present now
And I do not want to see.

I want to do,
I want to be,
I want to go more
And with power.

I do not want to say
I get here
Because not,
It is not the end yet.

lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

I really do not know.

La verdad no sé
quiero escribir
pero la pregunta es
¿de qué?

La verdad esto solo
sale de unas palabras
que no tienen mente,
solo ansias.

La verdad esto lo escribo
solo porque sí
y mi boca no se detiene
y mi mente no retiene.

La verdad no sé
solo quiero teclear,
escribir, pronunciar
y no mirar.

La verdad me detendré
porque o si no
tanto lo alargaré
que nunca terminaré.

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