jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

Nessun dorma.

(I know what you think but it is not like that, are poems dedicated to the Arias and that impel me to write).

Another title to admire,
"stolen" to create you
a poem from me
what you want to hear

Nobody sleep
to have witnesses to admire
of this poem said
and that I want to dedicate to you.

My heart can not stand
this silence imposed
for my flat refusal
and the rejection seen in it.

It is fear itself
who submitted so much to my heart,
but your sincere look
He filled it with absolute value.

Now with that fervor,
I dedicate all my heart
and I hope you tell me:
"I give you my love."

Goodbye poem,
because I will receive
an answer
to my loving / painful dilemma.

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