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The other best Arias for a girl like me.

If I continue with this writing it is a genre that before because I was not listening honestly, now fills me with many emotions. The truth is that many feel has lost its effect and have stopped going to theaters for their ignorance; They do not know what they're missing and I'm taking advantage of it because classical music relaxes me, amuses me, excites me, calms me down, etc. The opera takes me without physically going to the theater, makes me want to interpret these characters but, more than anything, to interpret pieces that have excited the man over the years; I had already written now only part I on the other:

E lucevan le stelle.
I love, love me plain and simple; a man who is on the verge of death thinks and relive the moments with his beloved, pray for his life in a loud and trembling voice to the interpreter tenor and that leads me to so many things, so it is the most recognized and my favorites.

 Roberto Alagna

Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen.
I honestly say it is the most difficult for a soprano: other than it is a complex language like German (I say this from experience haha), musical or instrumental movement is extremely fast (common in the music of Mozart) making the voice of the interpreter is admired for me. Thanks to this aria, Die Zauberflöte is of the greatest operas and the most difficult.

Si, ritrovarla giuro io.
The truth I am not so "Rossinian" but the opera and the story always liked me so romantic and strong must be the voice of the interpreter (tenor). I like how he decides to find his unknown beloved madly; Always plays a little slow and low rate change is made to note further interpret voice, something that until now I catch the aria and win a point with me.

Largo al Factotum or Figaro.
It makes me laugh for his mischievous, funny and witty to the interpreter (in this case baritone) ringtone, music is recognized because it adds simplicity and sympathy to the letter without it is simple but fast in pace, common, funny ( recounting a jocular way of life of the barber) and that always has been to be the best.

Pourquoi me Reveiller .
Pourquoi me Reveiller,
Ô souffle du Printemps?
Pourquoi me Reveiller
South mon sens front je tes caresses,
Pourtant est proche et le temps well
Des orages et des tristesses!
Pourquoi me Reveiller,
Ô souffle du Printemps?
Demain dans le vallon
Viendra le voyageur
Gloire de ma is souvenant première.
Et ses yeux vainement
Chercheront ma splendeur.
Ils ne plus trouveront that deuil
Et that misère! hélas!
Pourquoi me Reveiller ,
Ô souffle du Printemps?[1]

It's so romantic and yet so sad! A sweet melody as above but with more seriousness and deep sadness for her love in the voice of the interpreter, soft musical movements and harmony in the rhythm that gives the letter much more meaning than it has. Sadness, melancholy, love, emotion and passion in one aria make you reach the most bottom of my heart.

And it is true because I in my poems I do, unintentionally, to put words together is music, which is why these verses have reached the top of music regardless of whether complex or not, are and always will part of the music for what really are: music.

[1] LETTER "POURQUOI ME Reveiller ', musica.com/letras.asp?letra=1064879

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  1. Me confieso: soy una romántica empedernida. Y NO, no me gusta admitirlo pero se me nota. Gracias por compartirlo. Un saludosaludo amigo!!


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