Un homme, une histoire.

A single man, nicknamed "The Incorruptible", made the kings of France themselves tremble, and began the greatest social, political, economic and administrative change of all history.

Who was Maximilien Robespierre?

This is an interesting question ... Since childhood, Robespierre always wanted to defend the weakest people, all his family had done it and he was following in the footsteps of his father (lawyer), his grandfather (councilor) and his great-grandfather (public prosecutor). When he was younger, he went to Paris to study law. There are anecdotes that say that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, on the day of his coronation, went to visit a law school and the first to receive them with a speech was Robespierre himself, but Louis XVI was not attentive to what he said. the young man and this generates a certain distrust of Robespierre.

His political life.

Louis XVI had led France to bankruptcy, due to the support he gave the US to become independent and the high expenses of French royalty (the truth must be told, to please only the rich). Then Luis made a decision:

"Louis XVI summoned the States General to solve the bankruptcy of the real finances (1788)".

It was there that Robespierre made his leap into politics: he was elected a deputy in the Third Estate and there he noticed a (how do I say) "big little" problem: the people he was listening to were not the people. only the clergy (first state) and royalty (second state) were heard, where was the true French people? As always they kept quiet, and that they were more.
This motivated Robespierre to fight for the true people, the middle class and poor people. Something I like about this character is this:

"He soon gained popularity for his interventions on behalf of blacks and mutinous soldiers, the defense of the ideals of equality, freedom and fraternity ..."

What began as a simple discussion between three "parties", ended in a radical change thanks to the words of this man. The whole town started to rise because Louis made decisions and then he regretted ...

● He tried to become an economist by writing and giving economic reforms, but all he did was increase the tax on the poor and reduce it to the rich.

● He hired his finance minister Jaqcues Necker to help him manage his pocket, but after several events he fired him (which people did not like and was the trigger for the revolution).

Robespierre did the opposite:

● Balanced the three powers and even got rid of one (royalty) and tried to replace the other (the church).

● Together with George Danton and Jean Paul Marat, he created a credible and just government for the people.

● He created the Public Salvation Committee and, thanks to this, formulated an agrarian reform, implemented an education system for all and established a minimum wage.

He knew what he was doing. He wanted equality and freedom among all but, little by little, his power was absorbing him until he implemented an unexpected model ...

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, while the secret of tyranny lies in keeping them ignorant"
Maximilien Robespierre.


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