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viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017


I feel very bad
For that man
Who rejected me
Without even knowing my name.

He thinks he can judge me,
But it's not like that
Since I have a lot to show
And he will know who I am.

Why is the lack of love like that?
Sometimes I just want
That a man made me

They do not like how I think?
They do not like how I am?
If you like a girl
It's because it's "super play"

But there are also women
Which are ugly but serious
I do not consider myself very pretty
But I am a woman made.

Do not be disturbed ladies!
We have the power!
We are much stronger
and smart too.

We are "superheroines"
and all the time we fight
to be much better
than in those times!

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