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lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017

La nuit

I talked about the morning,
I talked about the afternoon,
What am I going to talk about now?
I'm going to talk about the beautiful night.

Calm Calm
A colossal silence,
A total tranquility,
That is the natural night
and the calm that will reign now.

How beautiful and dark,
how black and clear,
how beautiful and silent!
That is the night!

How it catches me,
how it calms me,
how it takes me
to the absolute raft!

That raft that carries
to the deep sea of ​​dreams,
That raft that gives us
to get beyond.

Silence reigns
in the beautiful night
and calm is your partner
and take it to the place where it lies!

goodbye good friends,
goodbye my great love
because the big night
It takes me to dream with color.

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