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The best baritone arias for a girl like me.

I have always heard that the best arias or fragments of an opera come from sopranos or tenors but we do not realize that there have been characters of high tonality that come from voices that can impact us with their "arrival" to higher notes than their range allows without leaving their position; they are voices that are called "intermediate" because they are located between DO to SOL with harmony, melody and a bit of humor-drama (it depends on the fragment and the work they are representing); Characters that accompany and even star in some of the most important operas for their wise handling of the voice and the situation that is represented.

This is just another part of my opinions about great pieces of music…

Toreador, en garde[1].
I definitely love it! It's explosive, elegant, passionate, saying "I'm the best" literally, incredible, danceable, etc.
Slow vocal movements at the beginning do as if he really said it to a lover, at a rhythm that he wants to make me dance to seduce the listener, then his sticky chorus and very well known by all; the voice enchants, moves, seduces, falls in love, makes repeat his words with his same tone and makes me sing it with emotion, as if I were the character.
With reason is one of the best: seductive, charming, sticky, in love, exciting and without a doubt the best for a baritone.

Very funny, crazy, a bit of everything! Something typical of Rossini: all the operas I've heard of his repertoire at least make me laugh, quick movements in his notes, want to run to everyone who listens and all for wanting to say he is the best in his trade of Barber.
I love it for the single fact of encouraging the listener, of wanting to say "you're the best", for the joyful music, for the pleasure of doing something, for a powerful voice interpreting it with enthusiasm, with joy, with passion, for this and for everything else it is one of the best arias in the operatic repertoire (that I know) for a baritone.


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  1. Quiet Vasily Fedorovich in Opera roles:

    Tavannes - in Meyerbeer's Opera the Huguenots”
    Count Almaviva - in Rossini's Opera the Barber of Seville”
    Dr. Faust in Gounod's “Faust”
    Andrey Khovansky-in Musorgsky's Opera Khovanshchina”
    Vladimir Igorevich in Borodin's Opera “Prince Igor”
    The fool – in Glinka's Opera Boris Godunov”
    in the lowlands.”

  2. Great ones! I also enjoy the "prologo" to Pagliacci , "Si puo? Si puo?...".


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