lunes, 21 de enero de 2019

The great pieces of classical music for me (PART 2).

Yes, again I wrote about choral and / or musical pieces that, without a doubt, captivated, trapped, welcomed my reason, my heart and ultimately my whole being. Hard or soft movements of instruments that composers wanted to highlight or simply put into their music. are parts or fragments that caught my attention because came to me so much that some make me cry or want to jump out of the emotion; Pure jumps of emotions that throughout history have made their composers are the best for their depth, emotion, romanticism, exaltation, anger and intelligence and embodied in these outstanding works ...

Prelude and "Toreador, en garde" (Carmen, Bizet, 1875).

I listen to it and I want to jump! It is incredible, beautiful, unquestionable, with good energy (it's a shame that I can’t say the same about the whole opera); as if the composer had wanted to charm us with energy, love, passion, charm and romanticism in two parts. Both the overture and the march show a character who wants to be a lover, in love, obsessive-compulsive but at the same time simple, charming and bewitching.
Parties that make me want to dance in the Spanish style, seduce me and even make me smile for the energy of being. I'll just say that it's my favorite by simply falling in love with its charm and seductive-simple style.

Sabre Dance (Gayaneh, Jachaturián, 1942).

Like the previous one but in the Russian style! Sometimes I think "that violin would break if you keep playing" hahaha then that slow-thin movement of strings, fast at the beginning (that's why towards the comment) make me run, activate, take me to a crazy level, fast and that movement with all the top-down instruments makes me smile and say "I'm going to run."
It is short, beautiful, charismatic, with playful tones, hilarious, exciting, exciting, slow and, most of all, highlight the performance of the violin with eloquent, fantastic, fast, fun movements for this head; a perfect and short ending to a complete and "ghostly" work (two minutes that captivate me every time I listen it).

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