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sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018


A silence,
a word,
a heart
are beautiful parts
of my beautiful song.

I feel empty,
my soul screams,
my body cries,
and my head tells me:
"Laura! Laura!" Full-time.

It's all around me,
I feel hollow and without love
of a passionate that I want to find
and that it does not cause me pain.

I am happy and unhappy,
I have the love of my family
but that of a man does not
What will be the reason?

A part of me feels it
but the other one does not,
always look for the outside
and never the interior.

My empty part screams,
My part fills no
And do you know why?
because is right.

I feel empty in one part
who cries HEART!
but the other part

"I'm more than I look,
I'm the best ... "that's what I think of me,
"... that nobody doubts,
not even your heart. "

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  1. Como te decía creo que nos gusta el mismo tipo de música aunque yo prefiero a Wagner que a Verdi
    Me gusta lo que escribes te sigo de ceca:)


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