The great absentees of the Nobel part 2.

The great absentees of the Nobel part 2.

By: Laura Stephanie Villamil Martínez.

Could it be that the invitations are sent by people who do not explore all sectors of the economy and the administration? I just read how the candidates are selected and it is a bit disappointing apart from the other categories: they send calls to anonymous and / or institutions to apply to an individual or a group of people with common purpose and have a year to choose them, that is why I ask myself that question at the beginning and this one. Do not they see the pioneers of the administration at present? Well I do.
I have already analyzed two strategists and true pioneers of quality in a company, now we will see one who has devoted a large part of his life to find the exact way to captivate the global market and a duo whose scheme raises the internal and external importance of the company.

1. Philip Kotler

"Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the power of sales"
I do not remember very well in what semester I heard his name for the first time. Economist and marketing specialist, this is your definition of marketing:
"Marketing is a social and administrative process through which groups and individuals obtain what they need and want through generating, offering and exchanging valuable products with their peers"
Kotler has raised fundamental pieces that the administration in the marketing area lacked such as respect for the brand and corporate image, be fair in packaging and price, respect the competition and its image, customer loyalty and for the customer in the making of decisions. Thanks to these approaches, Kotler helps me understand which is the safest way to know what the market wants, to understand it clearly, forcefully and safely.
Arranged and rotated all the companies in which he has worked; knows that space must be given to the construction and reconstruction of the corporate image, of the client, to work in this area in a coordinated manner to bring the company to total success and the discipline that is required in the economic sector where it is.

2. Kaplan y Norton.

A term that I always forget until now! The Balance Scorecard, with this they show that companies are not just numbers. It is an effort of companies to create a balance between your company and the four areas that compose it (financial, human resources, administrative, marketing)...

"A concept that strives to become action".

They are accounting administrators, currently living in the US and are part of the Balance International Group (BIG). Kaplan was a professor at Harvard Business School, Norton is currently director of the Palladium Group (company that implements the Balance Scorecard) where both work together; they have written articles in the business school of Harvard where they emphasize the proper use of their invention and maintain the internal balance to reach an external organizational equilibrium.


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