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The best arias for a young girl like me.

Best Arias for a girl like me (1).


Music fills me with an inexplicable calm right now. I can write this because I am now listening to a piece and want to write what I think of as beautiful as inexplicable and infinite define gender and among its best parts.


lUna Furtiva Lacrima
Donizetti composed in 1832, this romanza tells me that deep can feel the most loved one. Nemorino, who sang show sadness and yet his love for Adina in "The Elixir of Love". It made me feel a great emptiness and yet the tenderness that also tries to show the character.

Vesti la Giubba.
The Misfortunes of a man described in this aria from Pagliacci by Ruggiero Leoncavallo opera composed in 1890. Discover Canio (the main character) your broken heart because of the heartbreak of his wife in a circus and made me feel sad but at the once happy because it's a song that takes corners of the aching heart of the character (to be mocked by women) and the emotion of the artist who plays him.

O mio babbino caro.
I hear and ... makes me mourn. A beautiful piece of Giacomo Puccini opera Gianni Schicchi for representing the appeal of a daughter to her father to be with the man she loves. All interpretations (from Maria Callas to Amira Willighagen) have been the most moving of all the operatic repertoire I've heard. It leads me to the limit of tenderness, sadness and love. It reminds me because I like this genre: the fact of bringing feelings to infinity.

O fortuna.
Who does not remember this cantata? Medieval and full of music poems by Carl Orff in 1938. Dedicated goddess Fortuna with lyrics that makes me feel powerful and strong in every way (more when they reach the end). It makes me happy and eager to continue writing this and more.

Un di felice etérea.
It is a poem of love, heartbreak, love, heartbreak, etc. His feelings make me mourn, in fact, La Traviata (Verdi Composed in 1853) is my favorite opera heartbreak at the beginning and the only romance and unsurpassed shown at the end. But this aria is the one that says "Do not let the not the beginning and fight for itself in the end" Alfredo (main character) you want to tell Violetta (main character) as he loves her since he saw her but she ignores him and only he offers his friendship. So sweet tone melody and both players makes this the best for me.

Nessun dorma.
A great singer for a big aria! Pavarotti certainly took Nessun Dorma (Composed by Puccini opera Turandot for 1926) to the best interpretation for tenor now. It leads me to the extreme emotion upon hearing her beautiful and strong verses of love of a prince to a hard and bitter princess. I describe it as a poem, the best part that one can give himself to confront others to reach their heart. It makes me mourn, laugh and even jump from the excitement of the tonality of the melody and the greatness of the voices that have played today and that's the best for me.

It is not because they are the most listened throughout history but because they carry me emotions I've always wanted to take me a musical genre. Joy, sadness, quiet, comfort, etc. Many genres lead to a single emotion, opera takes me to many in one and with voices that are unique and incomparable.

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