And the kingdom was lost ...

It's what happens when bad measurements are made, one is so happy with his ideas reality that we do not realize that small errors can be a big stumbling block in our race to the finish done.

That's what happened to the architect, a small mistake (peer) in a figure was costing the job of your dreams.

So we must be careful, we are creative but careful when planning. We must have an accurate budget, materials needed to perform them but mostly people have confidence, you have your same capabilities and your own efforts. So with these three elements we can dream and work properly.

Comrade erred in telling a bad part and, hence, has a domino effect: first falls, then his supervisor, then the upper and finally the boss (the architect). These steps should be cautious and careful because this "is not a game of one, here play more."
But there was no Blithe neglected ...
It infuriates me that instead of helping, all he did was make fun top! I do not like people who see large projects and "want to help". They are of those people who should not be in a group project.
You see that you have to be careful when doing a project ?! That's why I focus on this issue, because one must dream but also must take care of.


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