jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

Your only wish?

A man sees his partner
With fervent gaze,
Full of desire
And he asks the question:

Your only wish
It's that woman
That with her look
Does it make you fall?

Your only wish
It's that figure
How passionate
you even look at the waist?

Your only wish
It is an excessive pleasure
By the one that takes you
When going crazy?

Your only interest
It's that maiden
What is indifferent
And for you do not turn around?

Is that girl
Why your mind falls,
Your body calls it
But is it late?

Yes! -Responds the man-
Because it's worth it!
And that my love for her
It is eternal and until the end!

He goes annoying
And the other man surprised
For what he later saw:
His friend kissing the woman he fell in love.

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