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Once upon a time there was a really beautiful girl, her name was Laura, she was 26 years old and she was finishing her studies in psychology and literature. She was happy but serious in certain aspects: she did not like men who seduced women because, yes, she thought that it was monsters who did that.

- The man must love the woman - she thought to herself - never see her as an object or as a means of entertainment. It is grotesque and disgusting on their part.
But once she was going to start class she felt something strange and she turned to see that it was a man observing her: young, blond hair, blue eyes and very attractive but mysterious; the way he looked at her said it all.

- Who is that man?

- His name is Michael - replies one of his companions and friends - is not he handsome? Not much is known about him except that he is German and obviously loves women but it is also very rare, he does not talk to anyone except women with whom he wants to go for a walk.

That part did not like Laura very much; "He must think that I am the next victim but I am not a fool, I do not think I will please him". She left the room and made sure that Michael did not follow her, what she did not know was that he watched her from far away and followed the woman he wanted to her home. Laura felt calm the rest of the classes but when leaving the university she feels anguished and persecuted "surely he is" thought immediately. She was already going home but she felt more and more harassed by Michael, he chased her and looked at her with lust and desire but, to his bad luck, Laura managed to enter his house. When she entered with a pale and upset face, her classmates worried a lot...

- What’s wrong?! Why are you so scared?!

- That man Michael was following me! -exclaimed altered- do you know anything more about him?

- Well… -she mentioned one of them- honestly many things are said about him, that if he goes out with a woman she disappears.

- Girls -Laura told them carefully- get away from him as much as he is, he's a very weird guy and he can be dangerous.

The next morning, in the first class, she noticed that Michael was not in his usual position and she saw the same in the following classes, it was strange but very quiet the atmosphere without him. At lunchtime ... he was there, in the chair he liked so much to choose, and reposing his beautiful blue eyes on her; Laura tried not to notice him very much, but she won him desire and lust for him too: her body, her gaze and her being attracted him to that man. They wanted each other but then Michael fixed his eyes on another woman and so Laura felt a little better, little because Michael was in all the classes she had that day.

At the end of the classes, Laura noticed if Michael went out with some woman and she guessed right: she saw the same lunch woman come out of Michael's arm.

- "That nothing happens to that girl" - she thought worried about that woman- "Nothing's wrong, please!"

- Laura! -shouted her friends and that scream also caught Michael's attention- Laura come! 

We will introduce you to someone!
She ran towards them which they introduced to a handsome and very elegant young man: brown eyes, black hair and a friendly smile.

- Laura, he's Richard, Richard, she's Laura.

- A pleasure, beautiful lady -commented the young man- since we left early, do you allow me to take you home?

Laura thought it was charming, so the three agreed; When they arrived at the house he mentioned a few words directly to her:

- Is that you seem such a special girl and for what they have told me I would like you to give me an opportunity to meet us on a date you and me.
Laura did not know what to say at that moment, it was the first time that a man asked her to go out together:

- Let me think so, right? -she answered with a soft and at the same time serious tone- is the first time I hear something like that and I would like to think about it.
Richard agreed, left her in the house and left while Laura entered the house. Her companions, as good friends they were, were aware of what the two of them had talked about and when she came in they filled it with questions, but Laura, knowing her intentions, told them in the most cordial way:

- Look girls, I appreciate you having introduced me but please let me decide if I want to date someone or not. Thank you very much for being my friends.

They smiled and decided to respect their decision but Laura thought of someone else: in Michael. "Who are you? Why so much mystery? What are you hiding?" -she thought trying to solve those doubts- "it seems that you want to devour me just by seeing why?" she lay on her bed with those questions in her head and fell asleep.
In one of her dreams she saw him: her blue eyes fixed on his mysterious, lustful and seductive look so much, then she felt that someone really touched her but Laura let herself be carried away by desire and from one moment to another she kissed him passionately, and he to her, as if they were madly in love with one another...

- Now your kisses are mine - I whispered to Laura - just as you belong to me because I love you.

She wakes up alarmed but does not see anyone around, she gets scared, "it was just a dream" she thought, went through the house and found nothing. She did not want to wake up her friends so she went back to her room but sees that there is a small note in the bed and hurried to read it although she was very nervous:

"My dear Laura:
Did you think it was a dream?
That's what I thought when I saw you for the first time. You woke me up a deep love that can reach the darkest of follies.
Look at me and not the fool who invited you out,
my love depends on it

- He's crazy! -exclaimed Laura- I will not follow the game- and so she fell asleep; thinking about Michael and the damage he can cause. The next day, which was Wednesday, she was ready to give Michael a resounding refusal. He was not in the classroom, that surprised her a lot and she followed her classes normally until lunchtime, she could not see him anywhere. When she leaves she sees her friends, when she arrives at the exit door feels someone cover her mouth. Laura struggles to let go until...

- Did you decide, my love? My patience has a limit.
It was Michael, the man she suspected so much and whom she had fallen in love with without saying a word.

- I still do not hear your answer, my beloved Laura, although I think I know her so ...

She silences him with a slap and shouts:

- You are insane! I would never meet someone like you! NEVER!

And goes running, her friends were gone and Michael saw her with sadness, despair and bitterness. Laura ran and ran until she arrived at the house, her friends were scared to see her so exalted:

- What happened?! Is that guy?! Did he do something to you?!

Laura faints from so much exaltation. When she wakes up she is lying on a hospital stretcher and did not remember much of what had happened with Michael; She was confused in her feelings, she felt it all the time and wanted to see him. There was no doubt: she had fallen in love with Michael and wanted to be with him all the time. Her friends waited until Laura woke up and asked:

- What happened to me? Why I am here?

- You fainted and you convulsed, we called an ambulance and when we were going to the hospital you said "Michael".

- What did I do? -asked wondering and thought of something else- does anyone else know that I am here?

They denied it because only they knew that Laura was in the hospital. Asked for a moment alone because she wanted to think about Michael and with that she could not help falling asleep, leaving that dream a terrible feeling.
Laura had been given two days of disability; the first was quiet but nervous, but on the second day he had that same dream again with this message:

"Meine geliebte Laura: Ich möchte, dass du weißt, dass meine Gefühle dir gegenüber wahr sind. Ich bedaure wirklich, dass ich nicht der Mann war, den du so sehr wolltest und dass du wegen mir ohnmächtig geworden warst. Ich liebe dich, bis er mich für immer schließt. Du weißt wer ".
("My beloved Laura: I want you to know that my feelings towards you are true. I really regret that I was not the man you so much wanted and that because of me you had fainted; my intention was to express it without hurting you. I love you until he shut me up forever. You know who").

That terrified her but tried to don’t think about that. On Friday she went to college and what was her surprise when she saw that Michael's seat was empty. Waited and waited until he arrived but did not appear even at lunch and Laura got desperate more and more; was afraid to know if that dream or nightmare had come true and she went to the offices to ask the address of her house:

- Live near here -said one of the secretaries- in the new buildings.

As soon as she heard that, Laura ran off to the address indicated; As soon as arrived he went up to the third floor of the building, there was a corridor and at the end a room. She played and played but nobody answered until the door opened alone and inside a dark room. She kept walking until she saw a light coming from the bathroom, she approached and...


Michael was on the floor bleeding from the wounds on his arms and neck. As soon as she saw him called an ambulance like crazy and then embraced him:

- Forgive me yes? I love you, can you hear me? I love you Michael, do not leave me please!!!

Laura was looking for something to stop the blood until she sees the knife with which Michael would have hurt himself; He also sees a white cloth, washes it and begins to clean the wounds when she notices that he slowly reacts.

- My love! -she said to him- Love do not leave me!

They took him to the hospital, accompanied him all day and all night. The next morning Michael wakes up in one of the rooms with a surprise: Laura was by his side sleeping. When he was going to kiss her...

- Good morning -she says with half closed eyes and says too- and I really sorry.

- Why? -he asks.

- For not appreciating your love and getting you to this.

Michael knew that it was not her fault, that he had confused the obsession with love and that it had led him to take desperate measures but he really loved Laura, as she did to him and said:

- I am so sorry for causing all this. I just want you to have something in mind: I love you and nothing will change my mind.

And they kissed as passionately as they did that time.


Laura was nervous and preparing for the big day: her boyfriend had asked her to marry and, of course, Laura accepted. She was in the house of her companions (she had moved with the boyfriend) and they helped her excitedly:

- You're going to look beautiful, said one, with this wedding dress.

- I hope he thinks the same thing - Laura answered smiling, was so happy and excited about her wedding with the "perfect man"; she arrived at the church in a limousine hired by the couple and when entered she saw Michael really elegant and handsome. He was much better since that day: he had been in a sanatorium and thanks to Laura he did not do it again and she, for her part, knew that her best remedy was the happiness and love that they had and consumed; they lived a quiet life in Europe, after several years they had a daughter and so Laura did not see Michael anymore...


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